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21-year-old employee alone takes care of 90 guests trapped in hotel during …

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21-year-old employee alone takes care of 90 guests trapped in hotel during ...

A 21-year-old employee took care of 90 guests who, like him, were trapped in a hotel in Beaumont, Texas, due to a flood caused by the tropical storm Imelda.

Satchel Smith, who is usually just a receptionist, turned around covering the duties of room service, maintenance and even chef chefs, as no one else was able to reach the site because of the totally flooded accesses.

And according to the guests, it was a true hero.

Angela Chandler, who was at the hotel, posted on her Facebook profile a picture of the smiling young employee and explained how he solved all the problems and left no one unattended for 32 hours.

"He handled the phones, answered each of our questions, made sure we had a cup of hot coffee or tea, and helped us serve a hot breakfast," he wrote. "He handled this with grace, kindness. and a beautiful smile on his face, "he complimented.

“If you know Satchel, tell him he's our hero! Next time, I'll be here knowing that no matter what happens, I'll have someone putting our needs above their own, ”he added.

To CNN Chandler explained that he had the help of some of his own guests, mainly in the kitchen. He was especially concerned about this sector, since he says he can't cook very well.

But it all worked out, and the group even praised the chicken noodle that was served with garlic bread.

After the meal, some people even ventured outside to bring some food and water to drivers who were trapped in their nearby cars and trucks.

On Friday morning, a day and a half after arriving at work, he can finally count on professional help: the water has dropped sufficiently for a colleague to arrive at the hotel. He then helped her a little, before taking a well-deserved nap as he waited for the situation to get even better so he could leave.

On leaving, though, a disappointment. His car was totally damaged by the flood and he was forced to ask someone in his family to pick him up. The consolation, he says, was that at least his home was not hit by Imelda.


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