Add Some Romance by Sweet Talking Your boyfriend

Add Some Romance by Sweet Talking Your boyfriend

Women are very lucky in the hold the ultimate weapon – sweet talk.

When we use sweet talk combined with our natural grace and style, we can impress a guy and have him hooked.

If you don’t think you have the skill of sweet talking, don’t worry, you can acquire that skill quite easily.

Sweet talking a guy is really simple and any woman can do it, you don’t need to be well-bred and ‘proper’ to be able to sweet talk, all you need are your words, some flirtatious body language and you will have that man right where you want him!

Here are some tips for you to learn the skill of sweet talking:

1. The first thing you need to do is learn to listen when your boyfriend is talking and respond with the right comments at the right time.

A man feels comfortable with a girl that is attentive when he speaks and he will also be quite impressed with this.

By creating this comfort level you are creating a sound base for your relationship.

2. You need to have the right modulation in your voice when sweet talking a guy.

You don’t want to say something sexy in a rough or boring tone, rather, when you are sweet talking him you want to use a soft and seductive tone. A soft and seductive voice will have a comforting, calming effect on him.

It isn’t only the words that you way that are important but also the tone of voice that you say them in.

3. When you have a calming, romantic moment don’t ruin it by talking about politics or something completely unrelated to the moment.

Once you start talking about something unrelated or even boring you will ruin the romantic mood and the moment will be gone. When you are having a romantic moment your conversation should always stay on romantic talk.

You can talk about things like your dreams; ask him about his dreams or fantasies.

These romantic moments don’t have to be confined to the bedroom either, you can talk romantically while strolling along the beach or having a picnic.

4. When you are using sweet talk on your boyfriend try to use flirtatious body language.

You can also add some humor to your sweet talk as long as it is still along romantic lines and not the hurting type.

5. When you talk romance always have passion in your voice, but at the same time if the conversation seems to be going too long then you might want to break the mood and shift the conversation back elsewhere.

Sometimes a romantic conversation can go on too long and then become a little boring, so if there is nowhere for the conversation to go then it needs to change.

6. When you are sweet talking your man you need to stay focused on him and don’t get distracted by anything going on around you.

When you are talking to him, look into his eyes so that you have his full attention also.

This will bring a joint romantic conversation where you are both interested in nothing else but each other.

7. Don’t be overly proud with your boyfriend or it will show in your talk and could spoil the moment and the relationship.

8. When sweet talking your boyfriend it can be effective to whisper ‘sweet nothings’ in his ear.

This will encourage the romance in him and will bring for a very romantic moment.