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Adventure Time will receive new one-hour specials

by ace
Adventure Time will receive new one-hour specials

Four new one-hour Adventure Time specials are on their way to HBO Max, with the first two to debut in 2020.

The special series, dubbed Adventure Time: Distant Lands, will return to the world of the Cartoon Network series, which ended in September 2018. You can see Finn, Jake and company on the first Distant Lands poster below:

The two specials scheduled for debut in 2020 are called BMO and Obsidian. BMO follows the sentient game console of the series as it attempts to deal with a "deadly space emergency deep in space," according to HBO. Obsidian follows "Marceline and Princess Bubblegum on a trip to the beautiful Glass Kingdom – and its tumultuous past – to avert a catastrophe."

The last two specials, which have no release date yet, are titled Wizard City and Together Again. The former features Peppermint Butler "starting from the beginning, as yet another inexperienced Wizard School student," while the latter "rejoins Jake and Finn to rediscover their fraternal bond and embark on the most important journey of their lives."

HBO Max will be launched in spring 2020, not knowing if or how its content will be displayed in our country.

Abílio Rodrigues [of Rivia] is the technology editor of IGN Portugal, a confessed music lover and PC gaming enthusiast. You can follow him on @KaikaneTR

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