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Amazon’s best-selling beauty product is $10 and has over 18,000 reviews — here’s…

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Amazon's best-selling beauty product is $10 and has over 18,000 reviews — here's...

Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through links on this page. Price and availability are subject to change.Here is what everyone is saying about the "most popular facial treatment in the world". (Photo: Brand Courtesy) MoreThere are thousands of beauty products on Amazon, but only one Secret Aztec Indian Healing Clay MaskThe popular powder, which is mixed with water or apple cider vinegar to create a luxurious DIY mask, has been an Amazon bestseller for years. And for just $ 10, the one-pound pot of the "most popular facial in the world" is an incredible value. Astec Secret's new “Version 2 Clay” still uses the beloved original formula, made from all-natural calcium bentonite clay to detoxify the skin. It's just the packaging that has been updated with security labels for information on authenticity, lot numbers and expiration dates. Beauty Clip Makes Everything has over 17,000 reviews and an impressive 4.4 star rating to back up. of your information. efficiency. From facials to foot baths and acne blemish treatments, fans of the multitasking mask swear by Aztec Secret for just about every skin problem.The basic all-in-one beauty product has over 17,000 reviews and an impressive 4.4 star rating to prove its effectiveness. (Photo: Amazon) MoreFor a healthy glow: “A dear friend introduced me to clay almost two years ago while I was recovering from breast cancer and never stopped using it. While in treatment, he was tired and looked run down. Enter the magic clay. I made a mask using raw organic apple cider vinegar and felt my face throb so much that I looked in the mirror to see if it was moving. He & # 39; sucked & # 39; so many toxins that I looked years younger ” explained a happy customer. “My skin is beautiful. I rarely have a leak. I feel energized. Above all, I am happy with my appearance. A bathtub lasts about a year with weekly use. For an anti-aging facial treatment: “My skin looks 15 years younger and more uniform. I had good skin before now is great " raved a buyer. “Now, at 69, I look much younger and fresher in my 50th class reunion than the rest. I am proud of my skin. ”For Foot Baths:“ I know this product, but mainly as a facial for the last 10 years. Last week I learned that it can be worn on the hair, but really internally, which is a miracle for me in what I'm researching. ” wrote a loyal customer who called it a "versatile miracle." “What caught me tonight was that I decided to make a dressing and I was delighted… My foot looked new. Then, in essence, without having to rub but just rubbing my foot, all the dead skin left. I kept putting on some shea butter and whipped socks and it feels great. For acne: “I waited a year after using a whole bottle (lasted almost a year about two to six times a month) and redid before writing a review. I think it's my turn to share my experience with potential customers. " explained a legalist, who called it a “skin-saving product at an unbelievable price.” “This clay mask is magical. Cystic acne that usually lasts one to two weeks goes away overnight (I use it before taking a shower at night) after wearing this mask or the next day … I used it mixed with water and apple cider vinegar. It doesn't seem to do much / nothing mixed with water, but it's magical with vinegar. I always need to moisturize very well after using it. ”For sensitive skin and keratosis pilaris:“ I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm allergic to just about everything, so I was very hesitant to try this product. I bought a plastic kit with measuring spoons and a bowl to mix the clay because you should not use any metal (chemical reaction) ” wrote a reviewer. “Clay works amazing on my skin. It will bring pimples to the surface (bleed) and shrink the pores, especially around the area of ​​my nose. I use it about once a week. I also applied the paste to the back of my thighs, where I have moderate keratosis pilaris and greatly reduces swelling. ”For mature skin:“ I heard a lot of compliments about this clay and was very skeptical. But this stuff is great! " added a buyer. “When I rinsed it off, my face over 60 years old looked like baby skin… It's like a charcoal detox and a facial treatment. I get as good a result once a week as the very expensive micro-abrasion cream I was using … I'm surprised such an affordable product is so good. "Buy: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, $ 10, amazon.comThe reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication. Read more on Yahoo Lifestyle: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand Pinterest for uninterrupted inspiration delivered daily to your feed every day. Sign here to the Yahoo newsletter.


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