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American Gods: Season Three Is Already in Production

by ace
American Gods: Season Three Is Already in Production

It is already completely official. The third season of American Gods is already in production.

What's more, Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the arrival of new actors such as Dominque Jackson, Eric Johnson, Ashley Reyes and Herizen Guardiola, who will be joining those we already know, as well as Marilyn Manson, who will make her debut on this cast. season.

This new season, showrunner Charles "Chic" Eglee will take viewers to the new village of Lakeside, Wisconsin. Then we'll get to know all the new characters, like Ms. World (Dominique Jackson) or Chad Mulligan, the local sheriff (Eric Johnson).

Obviously, the third season will feature other characters already announced, namely Johan Wengren (Marilyn Manson), Demeter (Blythe Danner) and Oshun (Herizen Guardiola). Not to mention Ashley Reyes, who will also bring a character to life this season.

Here's the synopsis of season three:

"This season follows Shadow as he tries to escape and avail himself, taking root in the idyllic settlement of Lakeside, Wisconsin, where he will crack a dark secret while exploring his own divinity. The Gods of his black ancestors, the Orishas, ​​will guide Shadow on a spiritual journey where you have to decide exactly who you are. "

Regarding the new characters, new information has also been revealed – Ms. World will be the leader of the New Gods, while Oshun is a Yoruban Goddess of love, purity and fertility, who elevated and empowered the slaves who built America. Finally, Cordelia is a rebel who travels by car across the country and will engage in a battle for the soul of America.

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