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Area 51: Preparations to invade the base begin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

by ace

Citizens from different parts of the United States are beginning preparations for the alleged invasion of Area 51 to release alleged alien beings.

Today is the 20th, the day of invading the American Base Area 51. It is precisely with this intention that citizens from various parts of the United States began to occupy a region near the base.

Interested parties went to the venue after an event was scheduled for today on Facebook. The goal would be to free alleged aliens from the dominance of the US military. Many believe the base holds ETs.

Although it sounds comical, the event received the support of at least 2.5 million Internet users, who confirmed their presence at the event. The invasion is scheduled for 4:20 pm local time (8:20 pm Brasília time).

However, preparations are more for spree than for a real invasion.

I can't believe the staff really was. You so crazy!

In a post on one of the social networks, a user published a map with invasion plans.

It's today, guys! Following the plans!

Another event participant took a similar drag on the character of Japanese manga Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki.

Still in a meme, netizens showed the best of humor on the Internet.

Today is the day of attack on Area51.

Government Response

For their part, US officials have said they will not allow the military facility to be invaded.

Currently, the airspace over the base is closed, a condition that should continue until the 22nd of this month.

Area 51 is located in the state of Nevada, about 130 km from Las Vegas. Its inauguration was still in 1955. According to official data, the site serves for experiments with aircraft developed by the country.

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