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Bolsonaro 'betrayed' military, left 'launched a buoy', says representative of …

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Bolsonaro 'betrayed' military, left 'launched a buoy', says representative of ...

The process of approving the military's pension reform proposal brought leftist parties closer to the rank and file, who even classified President Jair Bolsonaro as a "traitor."

For the president of the Brazilian Institute for the Analysis of Military Legislation (Ibalm), Claudio Lino, the text of Bill 1645/19 is a "patchwork quilt" that "puts a new patch on used clothing" and will provoke a "large disparity between officers and graduates ". In addition, he complains that "there was no in-depth discussion" on the topic.

In military terminology, officers are the highest positions in the hierarchy, while graduates, or squares, occupy the lowest positions.

The proposal was approved at the end of October, almost unchanged from the original, by the House Special Committee that reviewed the Bill. One of the points that has caused the most criticism is the increases in the qualification surcharges obtained through the completion of specialization courses, which can reach 73% for high-ranking military personnel as generals.

For some squares, however, this increase, in some cases, is only 12%. The increase in gross compensation of some officers may reach 40%.

"The additional qualification privileges with much higher increases to high dome. But the vast majority of the military, more than 80%, are graduates," Lino told Sputnik Brazil.

A highlight presented by PSOL, with support from the PT, calling for an end to differentiation in this bonus, was dropped in the Special Commission. They voted against many members of the government base and the president's PSL. On the day it was analyzed, representatives of military associations protested and harshly criticized Bolsonaro.

PSOL was 'the only one to float for those who were drowning'

"It was funny. The folks on the far right, when the PSOL moved, kept criticizing us. But they were the ones who threw the float to the drowning people, the only ones who understood what was going on. This approach is pretty "," said the lawyer.

The argument of the rapporteur of the PL, Deputy Vinícius Carvalho (Republicanos-SP), is that if approved, the highlight of PSOL would cause a loss of $ 130 billion in 10 years for the Union. “The highlight distorts the meritocratic pillars of the project, ”said the parliamentarian, according to published through the Poder360 portal.

The bonuses provided for in the proposal are a way to compensate for the tightening of military welfare rules. The text states that in order to be inactive, the minimum time of service will rise from the current 30 to 35 years, with at least 25 years of military activity, for men and women.

In addition, pension contributions for spouses or children, for example, will increase from the current 7.5% of gross compensation to 9.5% in 2020 and 10.5% in 2021. Pensioners, students, corporal and soldiers and inactive currently exempt will pay this contribution. It is estimated that the total economy will be $ 10.45 billion over 10 years (in the case of civil security, this amount is $ 800 billion).

                    Photo / Eraldo Peres / AP

Jair Bolsonaro poses for photo during Army Day commemoration in April 2017.

But for Congressman Glauber Braga (PSOL-RJ), the granting of benefits is unfair. "How do you guarantee readjustment for those who are at the top of the military career and who is at the bottom of the military hierarchy may have a decrease, a decrease in income?" published through the portal of the Chamber of Deputies.

Bolsonaro 'ignored' us

Dissatisfied, the congressman gathered the necessary signatures and appealed to the PL to be voted in the plenary of the House. If the request is approved, the text will have to be analyzed in the House. Under the current rite of the process, the text goes straight to the Senate.

According to the president of Ibalm, the feeling is one of betrayal by Bolsonaro, who is former captain of the Excerpt. "As a deputy, he advocated changes to the 2001 Provisional Measure that stripped various rights of the military, said it would help, advocated tooth and nail. When he took office, he did not do what he promised. As a military man, he should have talked. they sought him out but were ignored. There should have been more respect and consideration, "he criticized.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the project "is fair and necessary", there are no privileges and, "contrary to what has been propagated, the proposal does not divide officers and squares". In addition, the portfolio states that the reform studies "began in 2016" and it is "self-sustaining", encouraging "technical-professional qualification and promoting meritocracy". Regarding the bonuses, he says that "all career military personnel may receive the highest percentages of the qualification surcharge, provided they take their courses successfully."

Opinions expressed in this regard may not necessarily coincide with those of Sputnik's editorial office.

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