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Bolsonaro's trip to attend the UN General Assembly is …

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Presidential spokesman Otavio Rêgo Barros said on Friday that President Jair Bolsonaro's trip to the UN General Assembly in New York was "assured".

Bolsonaro underwent a battery of tests on Friday morning to assess the stage of surgery recovery he underwent earlier this month. It has been reported that the president will need special care on the plane.

"Our president is ready for combat, with a guaranteed trip to New York," said Rêgo Barros.

Last Wednesday, Rêgo Barros had already anticipated that the evolution of Bolsonaro's clinical condition is "very positive" and that there was no doubt about the confirmation of his trip to New York.

The doctor Antônio Macedo, responsible for the president's surgery in Sao Paulo, said that the risks involved in long travel after surgery are vascular problems. Bolsonaro will wear socks to activate circulation, take anticoagulant injections, and has been instructed not to sit too long, being told to walk the plane and spend most of his time lying down.

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