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Brazilian entourage with Mourão, Toffoli and Aras embarks to Italy to …

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Brazilian entourage with Mourão, Toffoli and Aras embarks to Italy to ...

Members of the group boarded two Brazilian Air Force (FAB) aircraft, which took off from Brasilia Air Base.

The ceremony will take place this Sunday (13), in the Vatican, and will be commanded by Pope Francis. Sister Dulce is the first woman born in Brazil to become a saint.

When the canonization becomes official, Sister Dulce will be called Saint Dulce of the Poor.

The Brazilian entourage consists of 15 people, including representatives of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. Among the group, among others:

  • Hamilton Mourão, Vice President of the Republic;
  • Dias Toffoli, President of the Federal Supreme Court;
  • Augusto Aras, Attorney General of the Republic;
  • David Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of the National Congress and Senate;
  • Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), president of the Chamber of Deputies;
  • Henrique Mandetta, Minister of Health;
  • José Sarney, former President of the Republic.

According to the decree published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there will be no burden in the cases of Aras and Sarney, ie the trip will not be funded with public money.

The wives of Mourão, Alcolumbre, Maia, Aras and Ambassador Sardinha Pinto are part of the entourage, but will also travel free of charge to the public coffers.

Vatican prepares for canonization of Sister Dulce

President Jair Bolsonaro had already reported that he would not travel to the Vatican for the canonization ceremony. The prediction until this week, however, was that he would participate in the celebration on the 20th of November at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador (BA).

The appointment, however, was canceled on Tuesday (8). According to the presidential advisory, for "agenda conflict".

On the 20th, Bolsonaro will make a trip in which he will pass through Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Other members of the entourage

The Brazilian entourage is also made up of Brazil's ambassador to the Holy See, Henrique da Silveira Sardinha Pinto, and Salvador's mayor, ACM Neto (DEM).

The wife of the governor of Goiás Ronaldo Caiado (DEM), Gracinha Caiado, had the name included in the entourage, but the trip was canceled, according to the government of Goiás, after Caiado's internment.

The members of the entourage will not return to Brazil next Tuesday.

Sought, the Vice Presidency of the Republic and the House did not report the costs of the trip. They directed the G1 to request the data via the Access to Information Act (LAI). The law sets a deadline of up to 60 days for reporting, including a time limit for appeals.

The Supreme Court reported that the costs related to Dias Toffoli's trip are still analyzed.

Initially Augusto Aras would travel to the Vatican with the expenses paid by PGR. After the newspapers "O Globo" and "O Estado de S. Paulo" reported that the trip would cost $ 67,000, the attorney general gave up going to the Vatican with public money.

The mayor's agenda includes the trip, this Friday (11), to an event promoted by IDC-CDI, an international entity that brings together several center parties, and of which the DEM, legend of Maia, is part.

On Saturday (12), Rodrigo Maia will attend a ceremony in honor of Our Lady Aparecida, celebrated by Archbishop Odilio Scherer of São Paulo. In the evening, he will attend a performance of the opera "Ave Dulce" at the Brazilian embassy in Rome.

According to Maia's advisor, his trip will not be paid by the Chamber and he will be staying in the building of the Brazilian embassy.

The Chamber's entourage includes 12 other deputies and the Secretary of Metropolitan Transportation of the State of São Paulo, Alexandre Baldy, former federal deputy.


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