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Chinese media indicate key factor preventing US from attacking Russia

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Chinese media indicate key factor preventing US from attacking Russia


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The US has no plans to attack Russia over Moscow's strategic nuclear forces, according to Chinese media.

"In today's world, if a country has strategic nuclear forces, it is considered a hegemony and therefore also called a 'secret of peace'", write the Sohu edition.

The author of the article reports that despite the collapse of the Soviet Union and the sharp reduction in the defense budget, Washington still fears Moscow.

According to him, Russia's strategic nuclear forces are still on high alert, which "makes the Americans keep their gunpowder dry."

In 1991, Russia took 70% of the strategic nuclear forces of the former Soviet Union, so it has always had ground, sea and air assets for strategic attacks, the publication recalls.

Russia's nuclear triad

"Russia is the only country in the world except the US that has such capabilities," the article says, adding that the main role in the Russian "nuclear triad" is played by ground missiles, which have been on constant alert since the Cold War. .

The article points out that Washington's decision to withdraw from the nuclear disarmament agreement, including the most important treaty on medium and short-range missile disposal, has placed strong strategic pressure on Russia.

However, with the Russian military exercise Grom 2019, October 15-17, Moscow made it clear to the world that its security will be guaranteed by strategic nuclear forces in the coming years. The purely defensive maneuver involved about 12,000 military personnel, in addition to 213 strategic missile launchers, 105 aircraft, including five strategic missile carriers, up to 15 surface ships, five submarines and 310 military units and special equipment.

"The Russian army can improve its strengths, especially its strategic nuclear forces, and ensure the reliability of a retaliatory attack. So in the coming decades, the US will not even dare to look at Russia."

                    Sputnik / Russian Ministry of Defense

Launch of the Topol-M ballistic missile from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia, September 30, 2019

Washington announced its unilateral withdrawal of the INF Treaty earlier this year, accusing Moscow of longstanding breach of the agreement. Russia denies all charges. In early July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law suspending the treaty, with the document no longer in force on August 2.


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