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Colombian prosecutor will punish candidates who exploit Venezuelan migration …

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Colombian prosecutor will punish candidates who exploit Venezuelan migration ...


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Colombian Attorney General Fernando Carrillo said Friday that the prosecutor is imposing disciplinary sanctions on candidates who exploit the Venezuelan migration issue in their campaigns.

On October 27, regional elections will be held in the country, the first since Iván Duque became president.

"We are scrutinizing campaigns, we are sanctioning candidates who use Venezuelans' vulnerability to campaign politically, the vulnerable cannot be cannon fodder in this October 27 election," Carrillo said through Twitter.

The attorney general also said that the prosecution observed behavior in campaigns that demonstrate discrimination against immigrants to win votes, which has already been punished.

Chancellor also appealed

On Thursday (3), Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo also called for the issue of Venezuelan migration not to be politicized in election campaigns.

"We are going through an electoral process and of course there is the temptation at these times to politicize migration, the call we make to all candidates of the different parties, to the independent ones, is not to politicize migration, politicizing the migration issue only creates losses, creates difficulties. , feeds shocks and friction, "said the Foreign Minister.

On the 27th Colombians will vote for mayors, city councilors, governors and local council members.

1.4 million Venezuelan immigrants

The issue of migration has become especially sensitive in Colombia since the number of migrants from the neighboring country has increased considerably due to Venezuela's economic and political problems. The subject was one of the central issues of last year's presidential election. The crisis has also reached the Brazilian border, although to a lesser extent.

According to Colombian Migration figures, currently 1.4 million Venezuelans, both legal and illegal, live in Colombian territory.

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