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ColourPop’s ‘Frozen 2’ makeup collection is a perfect gift for Elsa and Anna…

by ace
ColourPop Cosmetics "Frozen 2" Elsa Collection (Photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics)

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Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change. To all my Frozen 2 fans, you're in luck! All thanks to ColourPop Cosmetics, the brand created makeup palettes inspired by the beloved characters Frozen Elsa and Anna. Beauty products are decorated in silver and gold shades, which will help bring your inner princess to life. The Frozen 2 Collection features bright eyeshadow palettes, high gloss lip gloss and sparkling gels. Whether you are young or adult, you have fun combining your makeup look with fall and winter! Watch the video above while me, your Accidental Beauty Blog host, we demoed the Elsa and Anna kits. Read on for more details on why you want to buy one of these packages for the Frozen 2 superfan in your life. Elsa "Frozen 2" Collection by ColourPop Cosmetics (Photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics) MoreInspired by both princesses, the Elsa and Anna Palettes have great shadows that soften and blend very well. Depending on the kit you choose, there are a variety of cold blues, warm browns and shiny metals to try. My favorite palette had to be Anna's, because I love rich golden tones. Anna's Lux cream lipstick in the north (Photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics) MoreLipstick Cream Elsa Little Snow Cream Lux (Photo courtesy of ColorPop Cosmetics) MoreThe lipsticks are so creamy and have a rich pigmentation with a light formula that is perfect for my lips. Little Elsa Snow Cream Lux Lipstick and Anna's North Cream Lux Lipstick These are two lipsticks that are also great for cold weather months.Mythic Journey, Elsa's ultra-bright lip (Photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics) More

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