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Compulsion Games new game is almost done

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Compulsion Games new game is almost done

Compulsion Games was one of the first studios Microsoft acquired. After joining the now-called Xbox Game Studios, Canadians launched their previous project titled We Happy Fews, their second title after Contrast. And since then we have not heard of them.

Obviously, the studio has expanded and has been working for a few months under Microsoft. And the results of all this may come much sooner than we think. In addition, it could even be presented in November. In this way, it would complete a list of quite spectacular releases for the year 2020, with over a dozen confirmed titles, forming a broad and varied catalog.

As we saw in Reddit, Compulsion Games official Twitter responded to a user about when we will see their next game. And the answer could not be clearer and more direct: "near the gold." That is, it is close to entering the Gold phase. And that can only mean one thing: that your new title is almost ready to be released.

With that, we wouldn't be surprised if Compulsion Games were one of the protagonists of the upcoming London X0. For this event itself, Microsoft promised great news and everything pointed to a first look at the new games from Playground Games and Rare. Especially because they are British and the event will be in London, so they would be at home. However, Canadians can also attend this party.

Could we see an immediate release after the show? Although it is a rare move, it has occurred under other circumstances. Also, considering that the game will hit the Xbox Game Pass, it would not be overkill. The truth is, we have an almost done game from Compulsion Games and that absolutely nothing of it.

Compulsion Games new game is almost done

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