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Cristina Kirchner testifies in court days before assuming vice-presidency of …

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Cristina Kirchner testifies in court days before assuming vice-presidency of ...

Eight days after taking over as Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner appeared in court on Monday to testify in a corruption case, which she denounces as part of a plan to "destroy popular and democratic leaders."

This is the first time the former president (2007-2015) has pleaded in her defense before the court that judges her as the alleged head of a criminal organization, accused of favoring businessman Lázaro Báez in bidding for road works in the province. of Santa Cruz (Patagonia, south).

The trial of Cristina Kirchner, former president of Argentina begins

His lawyers requested that the public hearing be broadcast live on television, but the request was denied by the court.

Supporters waited for her in front of the venue and claimed that the statement be televised.

Kirchner arrived at 9:30 am, not speaking to the press. She insists that the charges against her are motivated by political persecution.

"In Argentina, as in the rest of Latin America, the articulation of the hegemonic media and the judicial apparatus to demonize and destroy the leaders of popular and democratic governments has been transformed into a systematic plan," he wrote in a social network. hours before the hearing.

Kirchner, who ruled from 2007 to 2015, will take over as vice president on December 10, following the election victory of the center-left Peronist plaque he integrated with Alberto Fernández.

Currently, as a senator, she has a parliamentary forum, which exempts her from compliance with the preventive detention requested by the judges.

As Vice President – and also as Senate President – she needs to have a political trial in Congress before the forum is suspended.

Gregorio Dalbón, one of his lawyers, said on Monday that "this lawsuit will be overturned because it has neither foot nor head. Certainly those responsible for the lawfare will be tried in the future."

"Of everything they said about Cristina, nothing was found. Cristina today will demonstrate that this process was set up to pursue her," he added.

Kirchner, 66, is a defendant in eight cases, most of them on charges of irregular hiring and passive corruption when he was head of state. Four cases were raised for oral trial, with no start date yet.

Two lawsuits, for money laundering and illicit enrichment (Hotesur and Los Sauces), also involve their sons Máximo and Florencia, in a unified trial.

The other two are for the sale of "future dollar", which she defends as a monetary policy measure, and for covering up by signing a memorandum with Iran in the case investigating the bombing at the Jewish center Amia, which left 85 dead in 1994.


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