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Dentists open: When are dentists opening again, can I book a check up now?

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Dentists open: When are dentists opening again, can I book a check up now?

Dentists are an important social business, especially for those who suffer from severe toothache or other dental pain. Coronavirus blockade forced dentists to approach anyone who wanted to have a regular check-up. But when do dentists open again and when can you get a checkup?

The coronavirus outbreak forced companies to close across the UK in March.

In recent weeks, blocking measures have started to ease, with groups of up to six people now able to gather in public spaces and all companies reopening throughout June.

Medical services were opened during the blockade, but routine consultations were largely canceled in an attempt to protect people and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

All routine dental care in England has been suspended and patients with emergencies should instead be referred to urgent dental care "centers" by the local dentist.

Compared to around 10,000 dental offices across England, some 550 centers were open, offering this type of emergency treatment.

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However, some of the approximately 10,000 dental offices in England chose not to reopen on Monday.

These dental surgeries said the risk is very high, as they have not received enough alerts and do not have the appropriate protective equipment (PPE).

The BDA survey identified an EPI as one of the main challenges for reopening, with only a third of the practices, saying they had enough to provide face-to-face care.

The survey found that 60% of practices intend to reopen by the end of June, but they admitted that normal services will be stopped.

How will the reopening of dentists change amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Probably, at the moment, cosmetic work and fillers will not be available in an attempt to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Dental patients must be previously scheduled and urgent cases will be prioritized.

People will also have to wait for external surgery until the appointment time.

The dental director of England asked dentists to consider the following measures:

  • Limit the use of waiting areas, with patients waiting outside if they arrive early
  • Waiting room chairs with 2m spacing
  • Daily screening staff
  • Installation of physical barriers, such as a plastic shield, in the reception areas.


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