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Disney is considering buying Spider-Man from Sony

by ace
Disney is considering buying Spider-Man from Sony

Superhero cinema has recently experienced a crisis spawned by Sony and Marvel, centered on a struggle for Spider-Man production and distribution rights on the big screen.

To prevent this from happening again, Disney is considering paying $ 5 billion to Sony Pictures to get all the web head rights. The information comes from a private Facebook group called Geekosity (via MovieWeb), which possibly tells you nothing. The reason why we give it some credibility is that the rumor was advanced by Mikey Sutton, who was the first to reveal the most prolific deal in the history of cinema.

I first reported the Disney-Fox deal in July 2015. pic.twitter.com/CshxSe634j

– Mikey Sutton (@ MikeySutton1) December 14, 2017

For now, nothing more is known about this possible business.

It was also advanced that Marvel Studios wanted a Marvel Cinematic Universe led by Spider-Man and Captain Marvel for a few years, as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans did in the roles of Iron Man and Captain America, respectively, in the past. .

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