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Disney: Steve Jobs was instrumental in buying Marvel

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Disney: Steve Jobs was instrumental in buying Marvel


By the time the purchase was confirmed, we all realized it would be beneficial for both parties – but no one would guess that success would take on these proportions.

Now, Disney President Bob Iger has revealed new details about the deal that ended with Disney’s purchase of Marvel. And, apparently, the figure of Steve Jobs was instrumental in completing the deal, far more than we could imagine.

Considered by many in genius, Steve Jobs has inspired a wealth of biographies and adaptations since his death. This story revealed by Iger had never been known until now, when the executive told it during an interview with Vanity fair (via Comicbook). Apparently, without Jobs, Disney would never have decided to invest so much money.

“In 2009, after we successfully acquired Pixar, we were interested in acquiring Marvel, so I met with Steve and made him aware of the deal. He told me he had never read a comic in his life. ‘I hate it. more comics than video games, “he told me. I showed her an encyclopedia of Marvel characters to explain to her the universe and show her what we could buy. She spent 10 seconds looking at her, and said,” It’s important for you? Do you really want this? Is it another Pixar? ‘”

And this is where Iger’s doubts come in, who wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment. The executive continued to tell the story:

“As for Marvel, I told her I wasn’t sure if it was another Pixar, but there was great talent in the company, and the content was so rich that if we had IP, it would distance us a lot from everyone. others.”

And that’s when Steve really came into play:

“I asked Steve if he would be willing to talk to Ike Perlmutter, CEO and majority shareholder of Marvel, and to intercede for me. Later, after closing deal, Ike told me that he had his doubts, but that the call he received Jobs has made a big difference. I will always be grateful that Steve did so as a friend rather than as an influential member of the industry, “Iger said.

Abílio Rodrigues (of Rivia) is the technology editor of IGN Portugal, a confessed music lover and PC gaming enthusiast. You can follow him on @KaikaneTR


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