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Do Hair Growth Supplements Really Work? I Got an Official Answer

by ace
Do Hair Growth Supplements Really Work? I Got an Official Answer

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From CosmopolitanWalk the vitamin aisle of any drugstore (or, let's face it, flip through Amazon pages) and you'll see about a zillion hair supplements, all promising grow your long hella hair, hella fast. And while I'm the resident skeptic of all the beauty editors in the world, even I have to admit that the five-star reviews and celebrity endorsements on Instagram are quite convincing. How to do hair growth vitamins really work? Are they the secret to long, shiny and strong hair? Or were we all attracted to a very convincing and very confusing lie ?! Since I am clearly not the only person with this internal crisis, I went ahead and talked to experts and dermatologists to find out if hair vitamins really do something – or, even more importantly, if they are even safe. Do hair supplements really make my hair faster? So here are what hair vitamins should do: Renew your hair from the inside out with a blend of "friendly" ingredients like biotin, folic acid, vitamins D, A, C, E and / or just about anything else they need. they want to put in there (supplements and vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, which means brands can say and do whatever they want). So after a few months of taking them, your hair should look much longer, healthier, shinier and stronger, and scalp oil production can speed up or slow down, depending on which brand and type you try. The fact is, because these pills are not backed by government approved data and there is really no uniform set of ingredients, strengths or formulations between brands, there will never be a direct yes or no answer to determine if no hair supplements work. . But if you ask the experts, their answer is pretty much "NOPE." Do vitamins for hair growth work? Ok, even though vitamins are absolutely necessary and beneficial to your hair, they won't do much if your body is already supplied with them – which they probably already are. "Most people get all the vitamins they need to control hair growth with diet alone," says trichologist Dominic Burg, chief scientist at Evolis ProfessionalBut shouldn't I take them as a precaution ?! I hear you ask. Unfortunately, more is not better here. Even if you eat triple the vitamins your body needs (no), you really won't reap triple, or even double, the rewards for hair growth. "Your body keeps only the vitamins it needs and then gets rid of the rest," says Burg. It's like pouring water into a glass that is already 100% full. So unless you are really missing some essential nutrients, you will probably end up overeating after eating them. Photo Credit: Getty ImagesMoreHow do I Know if Vitamin Deficiency Is Affecting My Hair? “There are a lot of women running around who are disabled and don't realize it due to diet, poor nutrition or intense stress,” says Burg. And when you're over stressed or not eating enough, "your body will stop hair growth first and redirect nutrients and energy to the organs that need it most," he says, leaving it deficient in vitamins.
And if you've experienced a severe bout of physical or emotional stress, you may have noticed a sudden fall in your hair a few months later (or, if not, congratulations! You just found out that WTF was happening to your hair). "It's a late reaction to stress or diet that usually occurs three months later," says Burg. Of course the only way to know for sure if your body is deficient is to test your levels by your doctor, but if you're re, you know, mourning a death in the family while also dieting, there's a good chance you don't have some nutrients; If so, you will probably see some benefits from taking vitamins. How can I accelerate hair growth if I am healthy? If you're not vitamin deficient but still want longer, healthier, stronger hair, then, unfortunately, "supplements will probably do very little for you," says Burg. This is not to say that they don't work, and you might be the lucky joker (again, there are no mass studies that definitely say yes or no), but if we are talking about a science spot here, your chances are not high . Do not know what to do? Talk to your doctor. Really. They can give you a thumbs up (or down) before you waste your money – or, worse, mess with your health. Photo Credit: StocksyMoreHow Long Do Hair Supplements Take To Work? Just a healthy person who somehow magically benefits from hair supplements, you still won't see results overnight. Or even in a year. Or five years from now. Why? "Your hair is dead and nothing you do internally can affect its density, strength or health," says Burg. “Sure, vitamins will help the new hair you're growing, but as it only grows 1 cm a month, it takes 6 to 7 years to take supplements before your healthy new hair hits your shoulders.” Perspective But that doesn't This means you won't see any changes until 2026. "If you are vitamin deficient, supplements can help reactivate your sebaceous glands after a few months, which can make your hair look brighter and more hydrated." says Burg. And, hey, you might even have a little extra hair growth, but that's it.
And Biotin – Does Biotin Really Help Hair Grow? Sorry (again), but there is no definitive answer as to whether biotin is really beneficial in aiding hair loss or growth. Second dermatologist for Vivian BucayMD, clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, if you are taking an independent biotin supplement, you will need at least 5 milligrams to notice the difference – but even then, there is no guarantee that I will do anything. Photo Credit: StocksyMoreMas REMEMBER * Waving Red Flags *: Just because something is available without a prescription or mentioned in your IG feed doesn't mean it's 100% safe. "People often supplement biotin too much with their hair, skin or nails, and this excess biotin can really affect major medical tests, like an electrocardiogram – a test that examines their heart," says the dermatologist. Melissa Kanchanapoomi LevinThe physician, founder of Entiere Dermatology and clinical instructor at NYU Langone. Basically, unless you're a doctor (which, hi, why are you here?!), Talk to a real doctor before trying any supplements. Okay, so you got the green light from your doctor, did your blood tests, made a deal with your god, and are ready to try some hair supplements. Nice. Do not exaggerate. Doubling supplements can be incredibly dangerous over time – some vitamins are eliminated by your system, but others can reach toxic levels – so try only one supplement at a time and make sure what you eat is reputable as well. revised, as one of those top selling pills. And most importantly, don't get your hopes up – not everything you see or read on social media is real, even if your hair looks really, really, ridiculously good. Also like

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