Does Your Boyfriend Really Love You

Does Your Boyfriend Really Love You

Do you ever have doubts about your relationship and wonder if your boyfriend really loves you, If so, then there is some degree of uncertainty in your relationship.

You are not the only girl in the world to wonder this, in fact it is quite common for girls to feel uncertain at some point in a relationship and boys aren’t always the best at getting across the right messages.

A lot of girls feel great when they are with their boyfriend and they feel like everything is as it should be, but then when they are apart they begin to worry.

If they haven’t called you when they said they would then you might take that as a sign that he doesn’t really love you, when in actual fact he may have been busy or something came up that prevented him from calling.

When you begin to have doubts you can become obsessed with wondering if everything is OK and if your boyfriend really loves you.

Men and women are very different in the way they show emotions and feelings and sometimes it can be difficult to read a man and know what he is feeling or thinking.

So it isn’t always easy to answer the question ‘does he really love me’ by the way he acts. There are signs though that you can look out for that might help you to understand his feelings and love for you.

1. Does he look at you when you are having a conversation, When you are talking to him look into his eyes and see if he is looking back into yours.

If he does look at you while you are talking and isn’t forever being distracted, then this is a good sign that he is serious about you.

2. Does he make time for you, particularly if you are having any problems or are upset, Will he cancel other plans to be with you if you really need him, If so, then you can be sure that he really cares about you.

3. Does he discuss his personal issues with you, If he is having any problems and feels comfortable enough to talk to you about them then this shows that he respects you and regards you as a moral support person.

Even though he will ultimately work his problems out on his own, he will be thankful for your input and suggestions.

4. Does he buy you a gift on your birthday, Does he remember your birthday, Actually, many men don’t remember those special days, but if he does then that is a great sign that he really does love you.

He doesn’t need to buy you expensive gifts, but the fact that he remembers and does something special for you is a sign of his love.

The above signs are great signs for answering that question ‘does my boyfriend really love me’.

If you have any doubts then take a step back and stop and notice these little things. These signs may be small things but they are the things that matter most.

Remember, not all men are good at expressing their love and if you’re boyfriend is one of these men; it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you; it just means he has a hard time expressing it.

So try to notice the signs and hopefully they will help to get rid of any doubts you have.

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