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Early Xbox Series X titles will be intergenerational

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Early Xbox Series X titles will be intergenerational

This is the Xbox Series X year, and this time it is not a hardware overhaul, as was the Xbox One X, but a new generation, and it will be compatible with all games of previous generations, including those of Xbox One. That is already clear, but the question remains whether the Xbox Series X will feature non-Xbox One games, and if not, until when Microsoft expects its studios to work only on the new machine. This is common in changing generations, as games like Ryse or Forza Motorsport 5 were released for Xbox One and didn't get a version of Xbox 360.

We received Matt Booty's reply in an interview with the site mcvuk. In it, Matt explains that over the next two years, the games will be intergenerational and will be released simultaneously for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

“As our content appears next year or the next two years, all of our games can be played across the entire device family (Xbox One / S / X and Xbox Series X). We want to make sure that if someone invests in the Xbox between this period and the release of the Series X, they feel that they have made a good investment and that we are committed to content creation. ”

We need to clarify that we are talking about Xbox Game Studios games; therefore, during the early years of the Xbox Series X, all exclusive Xbox ecosystem games will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

So far, we know that Halo Infinite will be an Xbox Series X title, but it will also be released for Xbox One. Hellblade 2 is another confirmed Game for Series X, although as it is still under development it is difficult to know if it will be. released next year, which could mean that your version of Xbox One could be dropped. In this regard, we hope that Phil Spencer will further clarify this issue in the near future.

Early Xbox Series X titles will be intergenerational

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