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Electric or combustion? Get to know both versions of Arrizo 5

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Electric or combustion? Get to know both versions of Arrizo 5

Arrizo 5 Flex has been standing out in the market for its comfort, design and technology. Now the electric version is about to arrive here, which maintains the main differentials of the model, but adds the advantages of a vehicle that runs after a load in the socket. What is the best? It depends on how you use the car.

For those who prioritize versatility, the combustion model has been available since last year with many technological innovations and has gained space in the sedan market. The Arrizo 5 Turbo Flex has 1.5 engine and reaches 150 horsepower. It is a complete sedan for those who want comfort and elegance. Featuring 7-speed simulated CVT transmission, the model is economical, has ample interior space for rear seat occupants (2.65m wheelbase) and 430 liter trunk.

Produced in Jacareí, interior of São Paulo, the combustion version brings a technology package that includes traction controls, stability, ramp start and the comfort of items such as electric sunroof, face switch and button start. The car is also equipped with rear parking sensor, autopilot and dashboard tire pressure and temperature gauge.

Electric version will be released this year

The electric Arrizo 5, which will be launched in Brazil this year, has a 122 horsepower engine and 28.1 mkgf of torque. In the electric motor, the torque can be fully felt at the beginning of acceleration. The model includes electric parking brake, Auto Hold function and interaction center and 10 inch connectivity. The driver also has the possibility of activating an audible warning to alert pedestrians about the car's presence, since it is very quiet.

One of the advantages of the electric is the exchange of parts with the combustion version, such as bodywork, finishing items, suspension and brakes, which results in savings in time for repairs. Incidentally, in electric the maintenance is 30% less than Flex. The electric model, therefore, is good choice for those who use the vehicle basically in the city.

With the release of Arrizo 5 in Brazil, Caoa Chery shows the technological strength. The automaker already stands out abroad with its electric versions, such as Tiggo 2 and Tiggo 5X.

See the infographic below for more details on the electric Arizzo 5.

  - Photo: Disclosure

– Photo: Disclosure


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