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‘Embrace the mess’: Why this mom of 3 believes getting outdoors is key to…

by ace
'Embrace the mess': Why this mom of 3 believes getting outdoors is key to...

Keeping kids busy and involved can be a challenge, and no one knows that better than Ginger Parrish. The social media influencer and entrepreneur is the mother of three – Jonah, 8, Rigg, 6, and Jack, 3 – and she says taking them abroad is the key: "Staying outside keeps us from going crazy," Parrish, who has 232,000 Instagram followers, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "We found a lot of peace out there." Parrish and her husband Jon are busy business owners, and she says that it's important to keep your attention on your children when they go out with their family. "It really helps us stay tuned to the family's goal of teaching our children to be present and active, physically and mentally," she says. As social media influencers and entrepreneurs, Ginger and Jon Parrish are always connected. But they know how important it is to disconnect from technology when connecting with your children. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle) When they leave, Parrish says he puts the phone in airplane mode so family time is not disturbed. She also makes a point of taking some pictures and then putting away the phone. "It's hard for me, I love pictures so much," she says. “But you can often be controlled by it. It really takes the fun out of being in the moment. ”Parrish says her kids love to get dirty when they leave, and she's in favor of it. "They jump rocks, do scavenger hunts and often play a spy game before leaving," she says. "They are super big at collecting stones and sticks. They also love to ride a bicycle on the ground. Jon Parrish and his three children pause for a moment, marveling at the outdoors. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle) While their children get messy, Parrish says he learned to "hug him." "I had to learn that boys are dirty," she says. "I'm always following them with a cloth to try to clean them." It drives us crazy, but sometimes I've learned to let them roll. They are happier like that. And it certainly helps that this mother has Dial® Spring Water® Body Wash at home “to really clean, get between all fingers and all fingers!”Dial® Spring Water® Body Wash, $ 3.98, awakens your senses with the refreshing, natural scent of Spring Water® that will leave you with healthy skin, as well as a vigorous scent that the whole family will love. (Photo: Dial®) Parrish says he hopes the mess will help his children enjoy the outdoors much more. “Encouraging them to go out and get confused keeps them enjoying their time away from their screens and tablets,” she says. A family that connects with nature and is distracted by distractions is a happy family. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle) Finally, Parrish says he expects his children to have lifelong classes outside their time outdoors. "I hope they are learning that it doesn't take much to be happy," she says. "It's the people you love that matter most and all things are just things. Being really capable of delving deep into gratitude and each other … that's where the magic happens." This article was paid for by Dial and created by the team. of Yahoo Lifestyle branded content The Yahoo Lifestyle editorial team did not participate in the creation of this content.


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