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European Union condemns Turkish military operation in Syria

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European Union condemns Turkish military operation in Syria

The European Union (EU) on Monday condemned Turkey's military operation in northern Syria and is preparing sanctions against illegal drilling to find oil by Turkey off the coast of Cyprus.

  • Kurds announce alliance with Syria to face Turkish attacks

The bloc's foreign ministers drafted a joint statement.

"The EU condemns Turkey's military action that seriously undermines the stability and security of the entire region as a whole", and agreed to take "restrictive measures against individuals and legal entities responsible or involved in illegal drilling activities to obtain hydrocarbons. in the eastern Mediterranean, "informed the EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg.

According to diplomatic sources, Member States have not imposed an arms embargo on Turkey because of UK opposition.

The countries pledged only to "take firm national positions on their arms export policies to Turkey," the statement said.

The UK's argument to oppose the embargo was Turkey's NATO membership.

The EU called for a "ministerial meeting of the international coalition against Daesh (Arabic acronym for Islamic State) to examine how to continue its efforts in the current context."

What happens in the region:

  • on the 7th, US President Donald Trump sent US troops out of northern Syria, where the border with Turkey is;
  • This is one of the areas where the Kurds live, a people of about 35 million people who do not have a state and spread throughout parts of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey;
  • Kurds want autonomy but face resistance from the governments of the region;
  • For the past 6 years, Kurdish militias in Syria have been the main US allies to defeat the Islamic State terrorists;
  • On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses the Syrian Kurdish forces of northern Syria. According to him, these groups would be behind attacks in Turkey;
  • the departure of US troops paved the way for Erdogan to attack the Kurds, and the offensive began last Wednesday (9);
  • the Turkish president claims that he wants to militarily control that region and send the thousands of Syrians who fled to Turkey because of the civil war in his country;
  • without US military protection, about 2 million Kurds in Syria were exposed;
  • dozens of civilians have died, and the UN says more than 130,000 people have fled their homes since the attacks began;
  • Trump's betrayal of the Kurds has been criticized even by US allies, who fear that the instability caused by a new confrontation in Syria will strengthen the Islamic State;
  • Another risk pointed out by these critics is the possible approach of the Kurds to the Syrian and Russian governments, opponents of the Americans.


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