Ex Boyfriend Jewelry - Keep It Or Trash It
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Ex Boyfriend Jewelry – Keep It Or Trash It

Ex boyfriend jewelry, should you keep it as a memento of the love the two of you once shared, or should you toss it in the trash or sell it off for cash, The answer to that question will really depend on where you are and what lead to the breakup.

If the breakup was a particularly painful one, which most are, and you are still feeling a lot of hurt, anger and resentment then I would recommend you sell the jewelry or throw it away.

No one needs a constant reminder of their pain sitting right on their dresser staring them in the face.

Just think of what you could do with the cash if you decided to sell it off! Time to move on.

If, on the other hand, your breakup was pretty much pain free and mutual, and you don’t feel sick, negative emotions every time you think of him or see the jewelry, than keeping a memento of your love might be a nice thing to do.

If your ex hasn’t given you back the jewelry you gave him and you’re wondering if you should ask for it back I would say the answer would vary depending on your circumstances.

If the jewelry was a particularly expensive piece you might ask for it back, but you gave it to him, that means it is his and he has every right to refuse to give it back.

If he refuses then move on and consider it a lesson learned.

Do not use the jewelry as an excuse to keep in touch with him. If you’ve asked nicely and he said no, it’s over. Forget about him and the jewelry and move on.

Ending relationships can be a messy painful process. Don’t make it unnecessarily painful by getting too caught up on ex boyfriend jewelry, leave it and him in the past.