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Expert: Fighting fire in the Amazon isn't enough without fighting deforestation

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Expert: Fighting fire in the Amazon isn't enough without fighting deforestation


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Specialist warns of increased deforestation, believes the government was slow to take action to fight fire in the Amazon, but hopes the government has learned the lesson.

INPE – Brazilian Space Research Institute released on Tuesday figures that prove that between August 2018 and July 2019, deforestation in the Amazon really grew, reaching almost 10,000 km2 of cleared forest and representing an increase of 39 , 5% over the same prior period.

According to Ane Alencar, Science Director of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), the Federal Government took a long time to act against fire in the region and the new data was already expected "due to what happened in August, when a very bad area. great was burned by fire. "

Among the main causes, according to the expert, would be the increase of deforestation in the region.

"Between 2018 and 2019 we had a deforestation increase of about 30% in the region. And the second half of the year (2019) already indicates a considerable increase of deforestation, of over 100% inclusive, compared to the second half of the year. previous year, "she claimed for Sputnik Brazil.

On the other hand, to understand how fire behaves in the Amazon, it is necessary to understand the relationships with rainy seasons and activities in the region.

For and interviewed, the fire usually peaks in the month of September, and begins to reduce, because it begins to rain. So it is expected, when November and December arrives, that the fires start to decrease due to the rains.

Last year, however, was accompanied by a large reduction in the number of outbreaks in September and October. This would be related to the president's decrees, which authorized the use of the army in firefighting, instituted a moratorium on the use of fire in the region until October 24.

"Clearly, after October 24, the number of outbreaks begins to trend upwards. This translated into a significant increase in the number of fires in November compared to last year, and also in December," explained Ane Alencar. .

For the expert, the government took too long to react, and is now reaping the fruits of its inaction and even denial.

"If the federal government had reacted positively to INPE's deforestation figures in July, we would certainly not have had such a high number of burnings last year. IPAM director.

She recalls that the government began to act only after the international repercussions of the fires in the region and yet, unwillingly and with much "denial".

Ane Alencar pointed out that the presidential decrees were very positive in fighting fires, but hopes the government has learned the lesson and will act more in the future and also attack illegal deforestation.

"It's time to learn from what happened in 2019. It's time for the government to focus on encouraging deforestation reduction. To invest in strategies to uncover illegal deforestation, illegal burning," she said.

Opinions expressed in this regard may not necessarily coincide with those of Sputnik's editorial office.

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