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Former Syrian deserter colonel exposes sending militants across the US on missions to …

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Former Syrian deserter colonel exposes sending militants across the US on missions to ...

Syrian intelligence services have learned that the US Army is sending militants to conduct sabotage outside the 55-kilometer zone around its base in Al-Tanf, notably in the province of Idlib

This statement was made by ex-Syrian colonel Sultan Abdellah Hades Souda, detained for defection in February by Syrian military counter-espionage agents while trying to return to Damascus-controlled territory.

Souda said he had received training in subversive activities from American experts who sent militants on missions.

"After being trained by American instructors, they were sent to the east, in the Euphrates, to conduct sabotage, mainly in oil facilities and government-controlled infrastructure, to intimidate people and cause damage. I don't know exactly what happened to the Americans , but they reduced the funding and said that if you want to receive more, then you have to conduct operations outside the 55 km zone (…) Part of the militants was sent to Al-Hasakah province and others to Idlib, "said the former colonel, noting that the number of militants in the Al-Tanf region has recently decreased.

Supply of weapons

He said that American military instructors trained fighters, including foreigners, in the use of weapons, provided good supplies and distributed the clothing used by the terrorists.

"There was no shortage of weapons: we received them from the American military. However, the weapons themselves were shipped through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The origin of the weapons was very diverse: Chinese, from NATO. The best are those from NATO," said deserter.

According to Syrian intelligence, Souda defected in 2013 due to threats to her family by Daesh militants (a terrorist group banned in Russia and other countries) and fled to the Rukban refugee camp, where she owned an Internet store. In 2016, he accepted a proposal for collaboration from the American side and served as commander of a foothold in the village of Al-Tanf. In December 2019, he was jailed for 58 days for violating the ban on the use of mobile media in force in the territory of the American military base, then decided to leave Al-Tanf with his family.

                    AP Photo / Arab 24 network

US forces patrolling the outskirts of the Syrian city of Manbij, Aleppo province (file photo)

After his arrest, he provided information on the number of personnel and armaments at the Al-Tanf support base, the illegal armed groups stationed at the base and the coordinates of important facilities. He also provided information on the approximate number of families wishing to return to government-controlled territory.

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