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Fuel prices at stations have new high week

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Fuel prices at stations have new high week

Average fuel prices for the final consumer rose again this week, according to data released on Friday by the National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) this Friday (11). According to the agency, there was an increase in the value of diesel, gasoline and ethanol.

Weekly price survey – fuels

Petrol Diesel Ethanol Average price per liter R $ 4,382 R $ 3,700 R $ 2,892 High in the week R $ 0,009 (21%) R $ 0,014 (0,38%) R $ 0,019 (0,66%) Year-to-date high 0, 87% 7.21% 2.44%

The prices disclosed represent an average calculated by the ANP from data collected at stations in various cities across the country. The value, therefore, may vary by region.

This week's result represents the fifth high followed by the price of gasoline at gas stations and the sixth of diesel. Already ethanol had its third consecutive weekly increase.

Fuel prices at gas stations

Evolution of the value per liter, in the national average

Source: ANP

The highs occur after Petrobras raised diesel and gasoline values ​​three times over the previous month.

The company last readjusted gasoline on September 27, with a surge following turmoil in the oil market following an attack on Saudi Arabian production facilities in the middle of last month. Diesel has not changed since September 19.

The pass-through of refinery price adjustments to final consumers at gas stations depends on several factors, such as taxes, distribution and resale margins, and biofuel blending.

Consumption of distributors' stocks also influences the speed with which transfers occur to the stations.

The state's quotations in refineries are based on import parity, formed by international prices plus the costs that importers would have, such as transport and port taxes, for example, and a risk-covering margin.


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