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Gas station prices rise for second week, says ANP

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Gas station prices rise for second week, says ANP

The average price of gasoline at the stations rose for the second week in a row, according to data released on Friday (27) by the National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The advance was about $ 0.05, or 1.18%, for the average of $ 4,368. In the previous week, the price had risen less than $ 0.01, or 0.16%.

The increase in diesel prices was higher, according to the ANP. This week, the average value rose about $ 0.09, or 2.46%, to $ 3,670 per liter. It was the fourth consecutive weekly high recorded by the agency.

The values ​​represent an average calculated by the ANP from data collected at stations in various cities. Prices, therefore, may vary by region.

The price increase for the final consumer comes after Petrobras has readjusted fuel prices at refineries, following its pricing policy that follows international prices. The transfer or not to the final consumer depends on the posts.

In the year, the price of gasoline in pumps accumulates high of 0.55%, considering the data of the ANP. Already the advance of diesel is 6.34%.

Fuel prices at gas stations

Evolution of the value per liter, in the national average

Source: ANP

The ANP also monitors weekly the average prices for ethanol and gas canisters. And, according to data released this Friday, there was an increase in prices of these two items.

The average price of ethanol rose about R $ 0.02, or 0.95%, to an average of R $ 2,870 per liter. As with gasoline and diesel, the number represents an average calculated by the ANP, and therefore the price may vary by region.

Already the value of cooking gas rose about $ 0.17, or 0.25%, to an average of $ 69.01.


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