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GLO in the Amazon ends: analysts take stock of military action

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GLO in the Amazon ends: analysts take stock of military action


01:01 25.10.2019 (updated 01:36 25.10.2019) Short URL

After two months, the military who were called in to combat the Amazon fire crisis finished their task. Sputnik Brazil listened to two specialists to examine the measure.

Pressured by international criticism and protests in Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) signed a Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) operation to contain the growing fires in the Amazon that exploded compared to previous periods and even closed the year. Porto Velho airport.

Initially expected to last a month, the measure was extended for another 30 days. The action paved the way for the use of the Armed Forces in environmental surveillance and firefighting.

In disclosed balance sheet by the Ministry of Defense after the first month of the measure, which was called "Operation Green Brazil", was informed that 8,170 people were involved, in addition to 143 vehicles, 12 aircraft and 87 vessels. Also according to the Ministry of Defense, 27 vehicles and 63 people were detained, in addition to R $ 36.3 million in terms of infringement have been applied.

Miguel Scarcello, secretary general of the NGO SOS Amazônia in Acre, says Bolsonaro has shown "commitment and seriousness" with GLO, but believes that there has been a "weakening of the environmental control agencies".

"In the case of the Army, it would be interesting to stay there to prevent deforestation from restarting," Scarcello tells Sputnik Brazil.

The SOS Amazon member believes that the presence of the Armed Forces helped to reduce the fires, but points out that the arrival of the rainy season also contributed to fire control.

On the other hand, lawyer and environmental law expert Fernando Pinheiro Pedro positively assesses GLO: "It is a very good answer, even on the international scene."

"I believe the Federal Government has agreed on the issue. Military presence is important from the standpoint of view, it in itself has that ability to inhibit, ostensive presence is very important," Pedro tells Sputnik Brazil. . (tagsToTranslate) Ends Army Operation to Contain Amazon Fires


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