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Horizon Zero Dawn may no longer be Playstation 4 exclusive next year

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In this generation, it seems that the most benefited from the new stance of console companies, Microsoft and Sony, is undoubtedly the Windows PC. Perhaps Microsoft is more likely to notice this change, not just for the arrival of Xbox One exclusives at the same time, but for big ones like the return of Age of Empires or even the new Xbox Game Pass for PC. But Sony may also be following suit, with some titles also being compatible, such as Death Stranding or Horizon Zero Dawn.

Despite Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn managed to do well on PS4, and could soon receive a PC port, as we read on Retired, which echoed a new video from a Russian Youtuber, Anton Logvinov, one of Russia's biggest video game-focused bloggers, in which he says the Horizon Zero Dawn will come to PC February 2020 and we'll know very soon.

In the video, he claims to have talked to several developers who confirmed it, but maybe just with this information we could not validate, but it is worth remembering that he ensured that Death Stranding would reach the PC. This is not exceptional, since if we investigate a little, in the same Kojima revelation at E3 2018, this possibility has already been mentioned.

However, he supports this theory by stating that Sony is advising developers in charge of the new PS5 exclusives to "keep the PC version in mind." Jim Ryan himself said he would bring more exclusives to the PC, so it is expected that the next generation PC will have virtually every console game.

But will we finally see the Horizon Zero Dawn PC ad? Its graphics engine, called Tenth, is also used by Death Stranding, so it may be another proof that this port is not such a crazy idea. Let's see if it's all rumor or not.

Horizon Zero Dawn may no longer be Playstation 4 exclusive next year

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