How To Deliver Multiple Products Within The Same Membership Site
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How To Deliver Multiple Products Within The Same Membership Site

There are two common misconceptions that happen with membership sites. The first misunderstanding is that membership sites need to charge on a monthly basis, that’s simply not true. The other misunderstanding people have is that a membership site can only serve up one download or one product. In reality you can use one single membership site as the unified customer center, where someone can pay you money multiple times for multiple products and get access to them all in one place.

Google does this and Amazon.com do this. With Amazon.com you can view your order history of any physical items, you can watch movies online and you can even download digital books all from the same Amazon account. If you want to reduce the amount of customer support and work on your part, and make it more convenient for your customers, then you should set up a membership site that serves up multiple products.

How is this done, There are three components to it. First of all you set up membership levels, second you give those levels access to certain pages and posts within a protected WordPress blog, and finally you integrate those levels with a payment processor. Someone can pay you money which grants them access to a new level, which in turn lets them see new pieces of content.

When many people explain membership levels they might say something like, you can have a bronze, silver and gold level in your membership site. The way I prefer to look at it is that you can have levels in your site called module 1, module 2, module 3 and so on. That means that you can have module 1 for sale for $100, module 2 for $100 and module 3 for $100. Someone can just buy module 1, go through it and if they decide they want to continue, then pay you for module 2. If they decide they want to continue with that, pay you for module 3 and so on.

For now don’t even worry about taking monthly payments, just worry about charging one set price for one piece of content. Once you have members on one or more levels, they can now see content in your membership site. That means that you can have module 1 give access to posts 1, 2 and 3. Module 2 gives access to posts 4, 5 and 6. Someone sees you have something for sale and they buy just module 1. Now their account has access to posts 1, 2 and 3 only. They like what they see and then decide to then purchase module 2 from you. Now that single account has access to posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

One membership level can have access to just one post, one membership level can have access to many posts, or one membership level can have access to the entire membership site. You can create a membership level called full, someone pays you $1,000 for that full level, and now they can see everything you have posted in that membership site.

The final piece of the equation is the payment integration. Every membership software does this differently but, they all provide instructions on how you can create a payment button and take money using a service like Paypal, Click Bank or One Shopping Cart, where a prospect can pay money. They are then given access to a specific level and in turn that levels allows them to see pieces of content within your membership site.