How To Fill Up Your Next Blog Post And Every Post After That With Comments Even If You Have A Small List
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How To Fill Up Your Next Blog Post And Every Post After That With Comments Even If You Have A Small List

One thing that held me back from writing content for my blog or even blogging on a regular basis was the fear that I would write something and no one would comment. The way you can get around the comment problem on a blog is by building an email opt-in subscriber list and promoting every single blog post you make to that list as you make them. But even if you have a small list, you can get as many blog comments as you want if you follow a few simple rules. Announce and pre-launch your comments, respond to other people’s comments and cap in a brief comments once the blog post has been filled up.

You should announce and pre-launch the comments on your blog as well as the blog post itself and here’s what I mean. The average person goes to their blog, write to the blog post, types it up, hit the “Publish” button and it’s online instantly. But what if you wrote your blog post and instead, saved it for now as a draft or better yet, scheduled it for a few days in the future and you told your email subscribers that you will soon be launching a new blog post and you’ll tell them a little bit about the subject and the time and date and location it will be available but that it is not available yet,

What’s neat about this technique is that you are making a big deal about something as simple as a blog post which very few marketers and bloggers do. I may even announce a blog post two or three days ahead of time so that I can talk about it three days before, two days before, the day before and finally, on the day the blog post goes live.

Once that blog post goes live there’s another interesting technique you can use to double the number of comments you get on your blog and that is simply responding to the comments that people leave. Think about it, if you wanted to get 20 comments on your blog, all you would need are 10 comments from others because if 10 different people had 10 different blog comments or responses to your blog post, you can log in and personally reply to each of those 10 comments. Now there are 10 comments from your visitors and 10 comments from you for a total of 20 blog comments.

You might be thinking, why should you announce your upcoming blog post and why should you respond to the comments, The answer is because it’s your site and you can do whatever you want and people get a really good reason to comment if you tell them you’re going to cap or limit the number of comments allowed in the blog post.

What if for your next blog post you told your subscribers that you are only going to allow 10 comments under your blog post and then you’re going to close the blog post forever, I bet you that many people who probably would not have commented would now rush to comment because they want to get their voice heard before the post has been closed up. And you can do this very easily because once you hit your goal such as 10 comments, you can edit the post and disable the ability for anyone new to leave comments by unchecking one box and now you have a blog post with 10 comments that no one else can comment on.

That’s how you build a lot of blog comments on your blog using email marketing. Announce and pre-launch your blog post, respond to comments and cap the number of comments that are allowed in a single blog post.