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How to make money playing on Xbox One

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How to make money playing on Xbox One

Want to know how to make money playing games on Xbox One? Well, it's much simpler than it sounds, thanks to the Microsoft Rewards system. Microsoft Rewards is a system for earning rewards as simply as possible. As we complete the rewards, we will earn points that we can invest in and this will be equivalent to cash purchases.

With these points, we will not only receive rewards as good as Xbox Game Pass or Xbox One X, Surface or gift card subscriptions. We leave the simple steps you must take to get these rewards.

How do I sign up for Microsoft Rewards?

Very easy, in this link. Subscription is completely free and nothing happens if you just want to sign up to see what the service looks like. You will always have it available at any time at no cost.

When we register, we need to log in with our Microsoft account to see our current points.

How do I earn points with Microsoft Rewards?

To earn Microsoft Rewards points, we will need to download the application from our Xbox One or check our profile on the Microsoft website. This will be very important because Microsoft constantly adds new ways to earn points, so we will have to keep up. But generally, Microsoft details the following ways:

  • Search the Internet through Bing. We will level up faster if we search using Bing on Microsoft Edge.
  • Search the Internet through the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Buy online through the Microsoft Store; either with our mobile device, Xbox One, or the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app. In this case, we will need to make purchases with our email address associated with the Microsoft Rewards account. We can check the purchase status in our Order History. After the purchase is made, points will be shipped within 72 hours.
  • Use Cortana to search Bing.
  • Explore the rewards panel page daily. We will have to fulfill the most varied tasks, which will be updated daily; for example, check the time (using Bing), fill out questionnaires, or search your phone. Sometimes the system itself will give us points on the face.
  • Receive special offers for new releases.
  • Play certain games or complete certain missions on Xbox One. That is, we can earn money by playing games on Xbox One, even if they are in the form of points, on which we can invest in rewards.

How do I earn points using the Xbox specifically?

How to make money playing on Xbox One

In this case, we have several ways, for example:

  • Check your Xbox periodically to discover new ways to earn points. For example, we can accomplish this by doing Xbox Game Pass missions or exploring the Mixer. It is important that we frequently access the service to see what new challenges it poses.
  • In the Xbox Game Pass smartphone app there are always new missions that give you points on the "Awards" tab.
  • Take advantage of Xbox offers for Microsoft Rewards members only. This is very interesting because we will get discounts simply by participating in the system.
  • Share opinions or explore the Xbox. From surveys to discovering new games, there are always ways to earn more points.

Are there levels in Microsoft Rewards?

Yes, and it will be very interesting to try to upload. Microsoft Rewards has two status levels: Level 1 and Level 2. If we get 500 points per month, we move from the first to the second. And no matter how we get them, because all the points will count equally.

The best thing about Tier 2 is that anyone there will earn points faster through Bing, get a 10% discount on rewards from Microsoft products and services, and get access to exclusive offers.

How to make money playing on Xbox One

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