How To Make Sure Your Members Log Into Your Membership Site Every Single Day
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How To Make Sure Your Members Log Into Your Membership Site Every Single Day

When you’re creating a membership site, whether it’s a free one, single payment or recurring membership site you need to make sure that your members login every single day to consume your content, keep the contact with you and apply whatever expense they are making. You can do this using three techniques, e-mail updates, announce upcoming content and have some kind of community.

Many membership owners overlook the possibility of e-mail updates. When I join your membership site I want you to send me an e-mail at least every few days, or every week, telling me why I should keep paying for your site, what content is new, what content may I have missed. This is very easy for you to do. Simply go to your auto responder follow up sequence and create a very short message for each week listing what new content is available, or even what existing content any member of your site should check out, then link back to the site so people can easily login.

It’s just that simple, someone is a member of your site and tell them each week what they should be looking at, but also when someone logs into your site you should list what kind of content is coming up. WordPress has many plug ins and widgets that you can put on your side bar that will tell people what posts are coming up in the future. Even if you don’t know how to add that kind of functionality you can add a short message at the bottom of each of your membership site posts or pages telling people, in three days I’ll be posting about this subject, or in seven days I’ll be posting about that subject. Just so people know what’s coming up, what they have to look forward to and why they should keep paying you and logging in.

Finally, one easy adjustment you can make to your membership site is enabling comments. In WordPress you can check one box and now anyone who’s used any page or post on your site can leave their own comment underneath. Don’t worry you can also set it so that you have to moderate or approve each comment, you can still police the discussion, but people can now make friends and new connections with other members in your same membership site.

Be sure that your members should login to your site every week, or even better every single day, by announcing e-mail updates, letting people know about upcoming content and having some kind of community where they can interact with one another.