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How to Remove Your Halloween Makeup and Face Paint Without Wrecking Your Skin

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How to Remove Your Halloween Makeup and Face Paint Without Wrecking Your Skin

Thanks to some seriously creative makeup artists, you can produce a Halloween costume without makeup alone. Creating a flawless, weird look with face paint doesn't have to be scary – there are many Halloween Makeup Tutorials out there. What is scary? The aftermath of hardening all this heavy makeup. "Heavy makeup, especially with silicone, dimethicone and waxes, can clog pores and increase acne." Lily Talakoub, a McLean, Virginia-certified dermatologist, tells Allure. The first thing you should do is look for a healthcare professional who meets your needs and requests a quote. Halloween makeup The palette was to invest in some professional theater-level makeup or look for cheap options at the Halloween store. The latter are often a nightmare for your skin. "Some of the cheaper options contain more harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, formaldehyde or formaldehyde and petrolatum releasers, which may not be fully refined and contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)," Sejal Shah, a certified dermatologist in New York says: Allure. Before you buy anything, check the labels for comedogenic ingredients (such as acetylated lanolin, red D&C and octyl stearate) and occlusive ingredients, which "can trap comedogenic ingredients or sweat, and other debris in the skin and clog the pores," says Shah. . Examples of occlusive ingredients that can cause acne are waxes, petroleum and mineral oil. You also want to avoid products with silicone, dimethicone, and talcum powder, Adds Talakoub. A good rule for All Hallows Eve (and every night, TBH) is to upgrade. "Better quality makeup is better for your skin," says Talakoub. Fortunately, there are tons of rich, high-quality, bone-chilling pigments (and affordable!) Halloween beauty collections. Translation? Products for fantastic looks that don't spoil your skin. Image is available for high-resolution download for up to 1920×1080. total makeup transformation, use a mild cleanser to remove any oil from the skin, says Talakoub. Then prepare your skin with a lightweight primer without silicone baseIf you are using low quality makeup products that may be irritating (the glow can sometimes be annoying, Says Shah), or using prosthetics, consider prepping the skin with a professional grade barrier cream. "The difference between this and the ordinary primer is that it's really sealing your skin, so the makeup you put on can't be absorbed," makeup artist Ashleigh Ciuccisays Allure. The other difference is that you will not find this at your local Walgreens, as it is only performed by professional makeup suppliers. Ciucci suggests Alcone Barrier Cream.Getty ImagesWash and repeat. The real skin-saving magic happens when you wash your Halloween makeup. "When wearing heavy makeup, I recommend a double cleaning, "says Shah." If your makeup is oil based, usually an oil based cleanser will work best to remove it. "She recommends Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Fresh Cleansing Oil, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Melting Cleansing Balmand Albolene Moisturizing CleanserAfter cleaning, follow with a water immersion. cotton pad at the micellar water and sliding over the skin to get the last bits of makeup left over. If you really got it, you can follow it with a light exfoliation, Talakoub adds. "When the makeup is completely clean, use a light 10% glycolic acid exfoliator like Retexture cane cushions + Austin 10%"Now you're ready to paint without waking up to a scarier skin than your American Horror Story costume the night before. For a more horribly good beauty: Now, watch to find out how to remove your Halloween makeup the right way:See the video.You can follow Allure at Instagram and Twitteror Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all things beauty. Allure


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