How To Write Anything Quickly
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How To Write Anything Quickly

Whether you are currently trying to finish that sales letter, article, report, or even a full length book you need to write quickly because you will get more excited about what you are writing and you will simply get it out of the way faster.

I honestly believe that when you write quickly you write better, you should strive to write as much as possible in as short of time span as possible.

How do you do it,

You do it by having a short article length, by having one singular goal, and by getting yourself to have absolute focus.

An article is not very long, if you think about it a short article can be as short as 250 words which is under half a page and a decent article one that you can shop around to article directories is about 400 words in length, still about two thirds of a page.

400 words does not give you very much time to get your point across if you consider the title and the intro, you are down to 300 words, you really only have about 100 words per idea if your article has three ideas.

Keeping this down is very helpful for you.

We have all read reports or books where the author seemed to go off on a rant or devoted huge chunks of material to information that simply wasn’t that important. When you write everything as an article you can get the point across in as fast of time as possible, even if you plan on using these articles later as chapters to your report, you still are explaining steps of a process or little bits of advice in an easy to swallow format.

Now that you know that your articles should be short, let’s focus on your goal. I find it helps when I sit down and am going to write 10 articles, or I am going to dictate out 100 articles as opposed to simply sitting down and trying to get one article finished.

When I am excited I can get 10, 20 or 30 articles done in one sitting because I am racing to the finish line. If you only have one article to do right now, that’s not very exciting. But if you are getting one article done, two articles done, three articles done and so it’s a much faster process. In order to get your articles finished on time, you need to focus.

That means, turn off your phone, close your office door, remove any distractions, close all other windows other than the window you are using to write articles. Sometimes I find I even have to turn off my entire internet just to make sure I am not tempted to check my email, or check any of my messages. I simply have nothing else to do on the computer other than write an article at this very moment.

In order to write quickly you need to have a short article length, race yourself toward one single goal, and have absolute focus so that you can get those articles done, published, and you can move on with your life.