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iFood Announces Accident Insurance for Couriers

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iFood Announces Accident Insurance for Couriers

The iFood food delivery app announced on Thursday that it will start providing a package with insurance, discounts and courses for drivers and deliverers. According to the company, the benefits will not cost users or those working with the app.

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Accident insurance will cover medical and dental expenses and is valid while the delivery person is in transit, logged in to the app, on any type of vehicle, including motorcycles and bicycles.

  • If the driver has an accident while making a delivery, the insurance will reimburse up to $ 15,000 in medical expenses;
  • In case of accidental death, the insurance has coverage in the amount of R $ 100 thousand;
  • If the driver has permanent, total or partial disability, the insurance covers up to $ 100,000.

Available to deliverers in Greater Sao Paulo this month, insurance will be expanded to the entire network – which has more than 72,000 deliverers – by the end of November, according to the company.

The insurance may be triggered through a service channel at the insurer.

Points program and course

IFood also announced a partnership with Sesi-SP for training. With distance learning classes available from the moment the application is registered, the course provides tips on personal finance, safety and equipment care.

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The company also created a points program, called "iFood Delivery Advantages", to give couriers discounts on services such as motorcycle insurance and health insurance.

According to Roberto Gandolfo, the company's director of logistics, these were some of the main demands identified in a survey of the delivery companies. "They are concerned about vehicles, family and education," said Gandolfo.

The score depends on the number of deliveries made and has a daily limit.

  • For motorcycles: each completed delivery accumulates 2 points;
  • For bicycles: each route completed, accumulates 4 points;
  • Tips: For each actual tip gain, you accumulate 1 point. If you earn $ 5, 5 points will be converted.

There is an accumulation limit of 14 daily points. According to iFood, this happens as a security measure – to prevent many deliveries being made in a single day.

In July, iFood had already announced the end of the bonus for more deliveries in Sao Paulo. There was a debate over whether this bonus encouraged long journeys and eventually increased the number and accidents involving motorcyclists. The deal has been expanded throughout Brazil, according to Gandolfo.

The executive says that in the future, the points project could be expanded to give discounts on higher education courses, for example.

Number of couriers more than doubling

The director says these initiatives proved necessary as the delivery base grew. The company has more than doubled in size over the past year, and the number of deliveries has kept pace.

"IFood has always thought of end users using the app, partner restaurants, providing information and tools. Now it's the turn of the delivery guys," he said.

Technology companies that operate this kind of business model – including iFood and competitors like Uber and Rappi – have already been criticized because of the labor limitation that exists between them and service providers. Without formal employment, these workers end up without the support network that is guaranteed by labor laws.

At the same time, the ease of entry into this market is pointed as a factor that mitigates the economic crisis and the number of unemployed in the country.


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