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In Defense of the French Manicure

by ace
In Defense of the French Manicure

Let me set the scene. It's a Friday night and I'm watching an episode of The Simple Life. Paris and Nicole are getting into all sorts of problems, and I'm wearing Juicy Couture gym pants and shopping online for a Dior saddlebag. I spent all day listening Gwen Stefani's iconic (albeit slightly troublesome) album Love Angel Music Baby on repeat. No, I'm not describing one night in 2004 – that was literally last week. Clearly, my nostalgia for the early 2000s has accelerated, and I'm not the only one. In lip gloss, hair clipsand mini bags coming out on Instagram for the Motorola RAZR making a come back, the inspiration of the early days is high. Many say the time has given rise to some of the toughest trends, and I would say they are right. Juicy? I mean … Logo mania? Definitely. Are you in miniskirts? We will. But that is the point. The bad guys made us play with style and trends in a way we don't do now. Xtina's "Dirrrty" look or Britney's and Justin's jeans-matching time would simply never happen these days. There is a lot of emphasis on looking cool, but effortless, while at the time people just played. However, the tides are changing and, from music to fashion, these 2000s trends are approaching and we are having fun again. In fashion, this is the return of logos and low jeans. And in beauty, equally polarizing is the return of the French manicure. While it may remind me of your high school spring or Long Island Medium affair, I personally think a French tip is a classic look, which is the perfect date for lady and fun. up, even if it was adorned with flowers and my nails were uneven to bite. But the trend came and went as fast as Uggs, and when Miley left Hannah Montana for dancing in ice cream carts, she eventually labeled a fashion Don't for virtually everyone. the nail look is showing up on my Instagram now and on the left. But the thick square acrylics and the thick white stripes of the past are gone. The new French mani I see in cool girls everywhere has a rounded shape with a delicate tip (unless you're looking for a true Kim K-style kickback look) recent trip to the salonwhere you have my full support). Kim Kardashian's recent French mani, Kim KardashianMoreFrench, is elegant and listens to classic 50's and 60's nail looks, but they feel clean and modern at the same time. It's minimal and it doesn't look like you're working hard, but it has a touch of Polish and vintage nostalgia. Plus, the style makes nails look super long, especially when updated with a subtle white-pink shoulder like Kendall Jenner on the cover. Vogue italy (When two members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan jump on a trend, you know it's about to be huge.) I mean, this is usually a better look left to the experts (you should consider a salon trip), but there are ways to make it work at home. A good place to start is with a French manicure kitor i like Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen if I will make a colorful tip. If your hands are not super firm, tie a friend and nail each other. “ We trust a teenage drama queen and make a night with the theme & # 39; & # 39 ;, it was sold as soon as I saw it. Lily-Rose Depp However, if you do not have an account with us yet, please log in by clicking here. You are a true kicking vibration. Add retouched tips for extra 2000s nostalgia. For a more modern look, keep your nails short and the ends very thin. Colorful French If the white tips still look a little too high for high school, choose a colorful tip to freshen things up. Neon adds a sporty touch to the trend, and a rainbow of shades is absolutely delicious. For such a bright neon, try Color Club at Yellin yellowThe artist Miss. Pop created this look for Oscar De La Renta's spring parade using Zoya in Sawyer.To extract the true spirit of the French, lean into the kitsch and add embellishments like glitter, butterflies and pearls. What could be sweeter than cherries or daisies? Bella Cacciatore is Glamor's beauty associate. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_. Originally appeared in Glam


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