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India conducts new BrahMos cruise missile test (VIDEO)

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India conducts new BrahMos cruise missile test (VIDEO)


04:23 23.10.2019 (updated 04:26 23.10.2019) Short URL

Amid tensions in the border region, India made two more BrahMos land-based cruise missile launches from mobile launchers on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The tests were performed by Indian air force in response to rising tensions at its frontier. The Air Force said the missiles hit targets precisely, indicating the success of the tests.

"The missile hit the designated targets approximately 300 kilometers away. The target was hit in both cases," the Indian Air Force reported.

The missile had its high ability to accurately hit ground targets from a mobile platform.

"The launches were performed as part of a routine exercise," he added.

It is noteworthy that the rehearsals took place one day after the statement by the Indian army chief that the country had destroyed terrorist launch pads in Pakistan-administered areas in Kashmir.

In turn, Pakistani diplomats came to the scene to show foreign media that the Indian Army had attacked and hit civilian areas in Pakistan.

Gurinder Osan, File

BrahMos Supersonic Missiles

Both countries have been disputing the Kashmir area, whose southern region has been controlled by India since 1947.

Tensions in the region increased after the terrorists reportedly attacked Indian forces in the region.

The situation worsened in August when India revoked the special status of its state of Jammu and Kashmir, dividing it into two federally controlled territories. Pakistan has expressed its concern in this regard and has promised to protect Kashmir.

(tagsToTranslate) tests were conducted by the Indian Air Force (t) rising tensions at its border (t) Air Force stated that the missiles hit targets accurately.

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