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Indian is killed by crocodile after entering river during ritual to be healthy

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Crocodile lacerated an 18-year-old after following the supposed advice of a local priest, having previously performed a ritual with offerings in exchange for good health and to ward off evil.

The episode took place on the Suheli River inside the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in India.

Second reported the Telangana Today portal, the boy, called Rinkesh Kumar, performed the havan ritual, which is performed with offerings such as milk, butter, seeds and other objects to receive protection from evil, achievements, good health and success. The priest is said to have advised him to enter the river.

Once in the water, the young man became the victim of a crocodile that pulled him into deep water, while his disabled father screamed for help.

Relatives of the victim warned reserve officials about the incident, while a rescue operation has begun.

However, the man was not saved in time and his body was found about two kilometers from the site of the attack.


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