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Instagram accounts logging in worldwide login error

by ace

If you are among the thousands of people who have not been able to access the Instagram account in the last few hours, first, welcome to the club, and second, it's not you, it's the platform.

Thousands of users have reported inability to log in. When trying to sign in, they are faced with a blank page with an "Ooops, an Error Has Occurred". IGN Portugal was one of those affected by the login issue, which has been reported by different users on social networks.

Via Downdetector.

A quick search of the publications suggests that the problem is not yet resolved when visiting the Google Trends we see a rise in search for "Instagram Login" or "Oops an error occurred".

What happened to my instagram? "Oops, an error occurred" pic.twitter.com/k2GLVob165

– kei🥀 (@eatbykeis) January 14, 2020

Anyone else having trouble accessing Instagram?
I try to log in and only the msg 'Oops an error occurred' appears
DO NOT TAKE ME @Instagram

– Lou Ann (@ItsluhSousa) January 14, 2020

https://t.co/icNv8mEQiZ @Instagram, i have error "Oops, an error occurred". #instagramdown : /

– Михаил (@Peshekhonov) January 14, 2020

My instagram is down @Instagram please help me! Since last night I cant log in. It is always telling me An error ocurred #instagramdown #instagramdownagain

– carla banegas (@_carlaba) January 14, 2020

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