Instantly Overcome Writer's Block When You Are Writing For The Web
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Instantly Overcome Writer’s Block When You Are Writing For The Web

It’s very easy to get stuck no matter how good of a writer you are and when you are about to write that latest blog post, article, report, book, or even forum posts it is easy to get stuck. But getting stuck doesn’t help you. You are the most productive when you get a task done and it’s done forever.

That is why to conquer Writer’s Block you need to get over “blank page syndrome”, you need to get excited about what you are writing, and you should write quickly exactly the way you talk.

One of the worst things you can look at when you are already stuck about what to write is staring at a black page.

Let’s say you are sitting down and you wanted to put together a simple step by step guide on how to set up an email auto-responder sequence, and you look at a blank page and you have no idea where to start. That is why it’s important to put something on that blank page.

I know of people who simply start typing whatever it is they begin thinking, even if it’s gibberish, even if it’s just the exact words that come into their head.

I know of other people who will type the outline or the thoughts, or at least the title of the article they are writing on the page so at least they are not looking at that blank page.

As soon as you put some words on your page, you are at least the first step forward to getting over that Writer’s Block.

How do you start writing and keep writing,

The answer to that is simple, it’s easy to write about things that you are excited about, so find some way to get excited about what your topic is. If we were talking about setting up an email auto-responder account, log into your own auto-responder and see how things are going. View some videos on YouTube and see what other people have been doing with their auto-responders, and even talk to someone about this idea you have that you are about to share about email auto-responders.

I deal with so many people who tell me that they can’t write a simple article but they can talk your ear off for two, three, even four hours on end about some silly idea. If you get excited, it’s easy to write something.

Finally, to make sure that you write that article or chapter to completion, write quickly and write exactly the way you talk. I know that school may have taught you to use big, fancy words, and aerobatic language but really you are going to have the easiest time writing if you write in short simple sentences, and use short words, and type exactly the way that you talk.

If you need to dictate your article, or learn how to type faster in order to type so fast you don’t have time to think that is fine, but get in the habit of making your first draft your final draft and not editing any sentences.

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make sense.

Overcome Writer’s Block for the web, put something on your blank page so you overcome “blank page syndrome”, get excited about your topic, and write quickly the exact same way you talk.