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Jeffrey Dean Morgan insists he wants to play Batman

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan insists he wants to play Batman

It will be some time before we can enjoy Flashpoint, The Flash's solo movie.

However, names are already circulating to play Batman in his very specific version of this movie. One is that of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who remains committed to achieving the role of Dark Knight. Will your dream come true when this movie comes true? The truth is that it would make sense, considering that in the end, this movie's Batman has little to do with what we have seen – especially considering that Flashpoint aims to change the timeline of DC Universe.

In Flashpoint, Batman will be Thomas Wayne, not his son, Bruce Wayne. Something that fits, given that the actor has already brought Thomas to life in Batman v Superman.

Here's what Morgan said about it in an interview with Comicbook, with the right to pin the DC officials:

"I don't know, I mean if there is any possibility of inviting me, I will say so. I think the Flashpoint story is my favorite. I would be delighted to do so. But, you know, DC is DC, it's a constant … it seems that the filmmakers are always changing and what they are going to do. "

Flashpoint has no release date yet, but is expected to hit theaters sometime next year.

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