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Joker screening in Paris was evacuated emergency

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Joker screening in Paris was evacuated emergency

A Paris movie theater had to be evacuated during the screening of Todd Phillips's Joker movie after a man panicked the crowd with a religious exclamation.

According to Le parisien, the man shouted "Allahu Akbar!" which means "God is Great" to the rest of the audience, throwing the confusion into the room and causing some people to leave. The session eventually continued, but the man did not give up and exclaimed in Arabic until he forced the intervention of the security guards.

The man fled and the room then had to be evacuated for the presence of some kind of weapon or explosive, but nothing was found. He was later arrested and identified as a resident of the Paris suburbs (37) who, together with an accomplice, went to the Grand Rex cinema screening to steal the belongings of those present.

According to statements made by the director of the Grand Rex (via THR) is not the first time this method has been used by the pair: "They were two thieves who were trying to access people's phones and bags. Apparently they had used the same tactic on a train."

When Joker hit theaters around the world, there were some voices of protest about how the film could legitimize and attract acts of violence. The truth is that the film starring Joaquin Phoenix has made over $ 850 million at the box office, and so far, this is the most caricatory episode we saw in one of the sessions, which resulted in zero violence.

If you haven't done so yet, we invite you to check out our review of the Todd Phillips movie, and for more information on the DC Comics character, don't miss the gallery of images with different Joker origins told on the pages of the comic.

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