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Kate Middleton and the Queen’s relationship revealed – do they really get along?

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Kate Middleton and the Queen’s relationship revealed - do they really get along?

Kate Middleton married the royal family in April 2011.

Since she has attended many official events, she is now an expert in representing Her Majesty.

In fact, Kate Middleton is currently in Pakistan with her husband.

What can Kate and the queen's body language reveal about how they get along? Judi James, a body language expert, told Express.co.uk everything.

Slow and steady wins the race

It is likely that the way Kate entered the Royal Family loved her by the queen, the expert says.

In fact, it seems to have created friendship between the two, no doubt something that many royal brides would like to imitate.

“Kate has always been a slow but steady integrator of the real firm and its somewhat traditional approach, making very few undulations in continuity.

"She seems to have resonated with the queen, who increasingly seems to treat her as a friend and daughter-in-law."

Mirror Mirror

Mirroring is a very clever technique that can be used to create a relationship with someone. Whether natural or unnatural, reflecting when the body language of two people is aligned.

It creates feelings of unity and closer ties between two people.

Judi said: “Kate is very careful to reflect the queen's body language when they appear together and this flattering postural echo now seems more of a natural rather than an acquired one.

"Kate has slowly entered the spotlight, but now she is there, showing signs of becoming the new future matriarch of the family."

Visual contact

“Kate is one of the few people with whom the queen seems to use long periods of eye contact, making them look very talkative, leaning face to face and with the queen often using intense listening signals, suggesting that it is Kate doing the entertainment. ”Said Judi.

While the queen is often seen as a naturally shy woman, with Kate she runs off easily.

Judi said, “At the flower show, Kate was almost running to kiss the queen on each cheek, one hand gently and affectionately on her arm.

"The queen seemed to be talking very quickly and that defines the enthusiasm she seems to have in each other's company."

What reverence reveals

Having had a lot of time to practice, Kate's reverence is almost perfect. Again, it seems to suggest more friendship than subservience.

Judi said, "Kate's most relaxed reverence involves eye contact and a wide smile that makes it a greeting ritual and an act of reverence."

Judi says this could be Kate's extremely important role in the Royal Family, that of a future queen.

"This may be a perfect practice in terms of your ability to be more relaxed and confident or it may imply a different protocol when a future queen knows the current."


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