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Kate Middleton will need to make huge life change when Prince William is King

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Kate Middleton will need to make huge life change when Prince William is King

Kate Middleton has been a senior member of the Royal Family since marrying Prince William in 2011. The Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the British throne and will likely one day become king. If this happens, Kate will need to make a big change in her life.

Kate's life has changed completely since marrying Prince William when she became a working royalty.

Over the years, the duchess has regularly appeared at official events to perform her royal duties.

However, if Prince William succeeds on the throne, Kate's life will change once again.

The royal couple will need to move from Kensington Palace in London, where they currently live.


Instead, Kate and William will move to Buckingham Palace, as this is the official residence of the monarchy.

The Duchess of Cambridge will also receive a new title and become queen consort, for that is the name given to the king's wife in power.

She would be honored with her own coronation and share the same status as the king, but not the same political power.

The Royal Family website read: “Unless otherwise decided, a Queen Consort is crowned with the king in a similar but simpler ceremony.

Susan E. Kelley, owner and editor of What Kate Wore, told Vanity Fair: “A few years ago you saw her being a little shy.

"Now she seems to be in a more assumed position. I'm starting to see the person who will be queen emerging."

Her change of confidence may also indicate that royalty is preparing for her husband to take the throne.

How did Kate Middleton become real?

Early life

Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was born on January 9, 1982 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, England.

She was born to Michael and Carole Middleton, a former flight dispatcher and stewardess. The couple founded a party supply company, Party Pieces, in 1987 – now estimated at $ 30 million.

Kate has a younger sister, Pippa Matthews, 34, and a younger brother, James Middleton, 31.


Kate and her family moved to Amman, Jordan, in 1984, where the future duchess was educated at an English-language nursery school.

After returning to Berkshire, the family sent Kate to a private school, St. Andrews School. She studied briefly at Downe House before moving to Marlborough College, where she boarded.

For college, young Kate attended St Andrews University in Fife, Scotland. Here she received a master's degree (2: 1 Hons) in art history.

Relationship with Prince William

Kate met Prince William when they both studied at St. Andrews and both lived at St. Salvator's Hall. Famously, William would have liked Kate after she wore a transparent dress during a fashion show.

In 2003, the couple started dating and lived together during their sophomore year of college.

The couple broke up in April 2007, however, in October, they were together again.


Prince William asked Kate Middleton with mother Diana's engagement ring, Princess Diana, in October 2010. The couple were on holiday in Kenya at the time.

On April 29, 2011, they married Westminster Abbey with 26 million people attending the event live.

Kate was wearing a 250,000-pound Alexander McQueen dress on the big day.

Kate assumed the title "Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge" and also became the Duchess of Cambridge on the day.


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