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Maduro qualifies military exercises on the Colombian border as' very …

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said during an interview that his military exercises on the Colombian border were very successful.

"In order to ensure national sovereignty in order to ensure security in the 2,219 kilometers," Maduro said in interview Rossiya 24, answering a question about the purpose of the maneuvers.

According to Maduro, on the Colombian side this stretch of the border "has been in the hands of armed groups, militarized groups and drug traffickers for years."

"In Colombia there has been a war that has lasted 70 years since the murder of a great popular leader named Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. This was the beginning of a great historical conflict that affected society as a whole and the beginning of an armed conflict that turned into We helped Colombia try to resolve this situation by signing peace agreements, but the peace agreements were simply torn and destroyed, "continued the Bolivarian leader.

As a result, according to Maduro, "criminal and violent groups of all kinds are operating at the border."

                    AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd

Venezuelan military on the Colombian border

"This coincided with the threats made by Colombian President Iván Duke to escalate the armed conflict between Colombia and Venezuela. So I ordered military exercises, which were very successful. In order to deploy the entire armaments system, the entire defense system and thus ensuring peace and security on our side of the border. The exercise of Sovereignty and Peace has been very successful, "added Maduro.

Preparing for war?

The Venezuelan leader also answered the question if the country is ready for war.

"No one in the world can say that he is ready for war. No one. I can tell you that we are ready for peace, ready for the triumph of peace."

The military exercise on the Colombian border began on September 10 and will last until the 28th of the same month.

The two neighboring nations regularly accuse each other of supporting anti-government militias.

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