Make a Fairy Garden For Your Kids Party
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Make a Fairy Garden For Your Kids Party

This project is a truly unique kids party activity, combining fun, fantasy, and learning. Kids love getting their hands dirty and learning how things grow. They will also love the idea of making a magical garden place for a fairy to live.
A miniature garden takes little space and can rest on a tabletop. Maintenance requires only a light misting from time to time and watching for fairies to come to call. Just kidding about that last part, but you never know…
Start by collecting various containers such as woven baskets, large shallow bowls or deep dish clay saucers (like a birdbath), or even discarded bureau drawers. Check yard sales for innovative ideas and inexpensive materials.
Next, supply potting soil and a selection of small plants that will reach under a foot when fully grown. Dwarf zinnias, marigolds, violets, ivy, baby’s tears and sprigs of vinca are all good choices.

There are many types of mosses that will work nicely too, fitting into corners and small areas easily to add texture and interest. A variety of low-growing herbs such as thyme and rosemary lend aroma to the mix as well.
Start by lining your garden container with heavy duty plastic, fill to within an inch of the top with potting soil then kids are ready to landscape the top. Let them choose their favorite diminutive plants, interspersing them with various materials to add charm and character to the fairy garden.

For example, turn a colorful plant pot on its side and submerge it halfway in the soil to serve as a proper fairy dwelling. Add dollhouse sized furniture to set in the garden, popsicle sticks to construct a fairy fence, or small flat rocks to make a wonderful stepping stone path.
A small mirror symbolizing water making a faux gazing pool. The round flat glass beads used in vases make nice accent pieces too. Tiny garden accessories like terra cotta pots and shovels give your garden a “lived-in” look.

Fairy gardens needn’t be for little girls only. Boys can make a miniature dinosaur den using many of the same materials. Herbs, moss and other green plants can make a forest or wooded area in which small plastic dinosaurs return from extinction to live another day. Soil mounded to one side forms a volcano, spilling red aquarium stone lava.

A construction site garden is another option for boys. Tiny rocks, stick logs, and craft stick lumber can be stacked up waiting for the big rigs to move them. Small toy bulldozers and cranes can be scattered about, among the plantings.
These whimsical gardens can go wherever your child’s imagination takes them. You provide the materials, they supply the ideas and creativity. Planting and maintaining a miniature garden teaches kids about plants, caring for living things, and most all the fun of gardening.

Make your Closet Easily Accessible

Okay, you’ve finally reached your breaking point. The stack of handbags and purses on the top of the closet shelf toppled over on top of you again, not to mention the mountain of shoes you trip over every time you have to get something out of the closet. You’re at your wits end about what to do, and haven’t a clue where to start. You’ve got to figure out a workable, affordable solution and make your closet more user-friendly. Try some of these simple tools to help you get your closet space under control.

A double hanging rod is a simple addition and gives you double the hanging space. It simply hangs from your existing rod. You can also hang sweater or shoe bags from your existing rod to store sweaters, purses and handbags, hats, and other accessories and place them within easy reach. There are also several clever options for storage that hangs from the top of your closet door.

Take a stroll down your favorite discount store’s home organization aisles. You’ll find many clever ideas for affordable storage. Sturdy bins and colorful baskets can be an easy and affordable addition to your closet, and make the job of maintaining it a snap.

And since you’ve most likely got a sizable investment in your wardrobe, it makes sense to do your part to care for your garments properly. Place coats, suits, furs, formals, and other expensive items in protective storage bags. Invest in some good, strong wooden hangers. Protect these items by having them properly cleaned before storing, and enclose in zip-up hanging bags.

Wooden clothing hangers are much better for your clothes. They’re durable and long-lasting, too. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, it might be expensive to replace them all at once, so you might want to consider replacing them gradually.