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Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey Launches Her First Hair Product, Roadie Pomade

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Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey Launches Her First Hair Product, Roadie Pomade

If the name Jillian Dempsey plays, there's a good chance, because you've seen her credited for her beautiful makeup work on some of her favorite celebrities, most of the time. Kristen Stewart. Or maybe you have become as obsessed with your cosmetic brand as the Allure team. (We can't get enough of those Cover Tones.) But if it's all about Jillian, then her eponymous brand and latest product, a hair ointment called Roadie, might look like that and pop out of the left field. But that is not exactly the case. "I've always been a hairdresser. I can cut hair, color my hair. So it doesn't look like I just decided I'm a hair expert," Dempsey tells Allure, explaining that when her career began, professionals should be able to do makeup and hair. . "I've always fixed my hair. My focus is more on makeup because I love to paint faces, but hair and makeup fall into a similar category because they create the overall look. They both go hand in hand, and I have a passion for" De In fact, combing hair is how she met her husband, actor and – let us be real here – total heartthrob with an amazing head, Patrick Dempsey. The two have been married for 20 years, and he spent much of the latter as Roadie's willing test subject. Roadie, says Jillian, became everything she couldn't find in any other ointment out there – her. best of formulas, formats and fragrances. "I had a hard time finding a stick, wax, an ointment suitable for classic hair," Jillian tells Allure, emphasizing the importance of presenting the stick for ease of use. "And the formula is really important because I'm really special about texture and finish and really about perfume." She says creating a clean-smelling wax ointment that you can warm your hands for texture and a semi-matte finish – all in one stick – "was like a dream." Patrick and his 12-year-old twin sons, whom Jillian says are now using hairstyle terms like "dusting," as if it were the common vernacular among teenagers, have not only become Roadie & aposs campaign models, but are also the biggest. ointment and aposs fans. But while Roadie is remarkably easy to use, they still want Jillian to apply her professional touch every day. "I always have ointment sitting next to breakfast, because it somehow became the ritual." Oh well, I have her here. She can do it for me. Why should I do this? She'll do much better, "she laments laughing." I don't know how I suddenly got my life to be like a work environment. Every morning at breakfast, I have two boys and a man – sometimes a child – lining up to get their hair done. "Just because Roadie is an ideal product for shorter hair like the Dempsey guys doesn't mean he does too. can be used for styling longer hair. This ointment is surprisingly versatile: "When you are dealing with longer hair, what I suggest is that you first take the tip of the hair and attach (the ointment) to leave the cuticle on her hair, "Jillian recommends, explaining to soften any frizz you might have on dry ends." Then you start twisting – almost like when you're curling your hair – and use the wax to create that shell. "Follow it gently, running our fingers through a look that has texture without being too shaggy. But, how great is it in short hair, we had to ask, has Kristen Stewart tried? Let's say she really does. "When I went to do Kristen (and makeup) For the Charlie & aposs Angels debut, I brought an ointment to (his hairdresser) Adir Abergel. I know he has Virtue Labs "I saw the bet has no ointment, so let the aposs be clear, I was on my track," Jillian tells Allure. Kristen saw this exchange and she was like, & # 39; What's going on here? Did you bring me one? Where & aposs mine? "And I was like, sip." You – and Kristen Stewart – can now buy Jillian Dempsey's Roadie Hair Pomade for $ 28 a jilliandempsey.com.All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our publishers. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. More releases by brilliant beauty professionals: Check out 100 years of hairstyle tools now: * Follow Marci on Instagram and Twitteror subscribe to Allure & aposs newsletter for daily beauty stories delivered straight to your inbox. Allure


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