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Martin Lewis reveals the eight money resolutions you must follow to save a…

by ace

Do them now and the impact will last all year. The best thing is to set aside a few hours to go through them all – this can save you thousands.

This year I solve …

1) Buy and save for next Christmas NOW

Before Christmas is the most expensive time to buy, January sales are the cheapest; so if you can, shop now to save money next Christmas. Also, set aside a twelfth of the cost each month in a savings account and allow them to pay interest (see point nine).

2) Check if I can reduce £ 1,000,000 of mortgage payments of the year

Mortgage rates are close to historic lows. So everyone checks now if you are the best deal. Use www.mse.me/mortgagebestbuy or MoneyFacts.co.uk to find your cheapest rate.

So if it looks like you can save money, use a mortgage broker who can find lenders most likely to accept you.

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4) Finally abandon my bank account and get up to £ 175

If you didn't trade in 2019 and don't regularly sing your bank's compliments, you're missing out. As it is the beginning of a new year, many banks have a new marketing budget and are willing to pay a lot of hard money for you to exchange them.

Switch to the Advance account on www.hsbc.co.uk and you will receive a cash bonus of £ 175, or www.firstdirect.com is now offering a bonus of £ 100 (over £ 50), and many will also receive a bonus. zero percentage of £ 250 overdraft. In both accounts, there are minimum payments and criteria you need to meet, as well as your reading before applying. Plus you get access to a regular 2.75% saver.

5) Reduce credit card interest by $ 100 or $ 1,000 this year

The easiest way to reduce credit card debt is by transferring debt to a zero percent balance transfer card – this is where you get a new card (s) that pays off. the existing card debts to you, so you owe it, but by far the lowest cost, for a small fee. Of course acceptance is the challenge for most.

It's now easier to find that many cards have eligibility checkers, which offer your chances of pre-enrollment. Or you can see most of the best charts together in one place through comparison tools, such as my website, at www.mse.me/balancetransfer.

8) Watch the Martin Lewis Money Show from Monday, 20:00 ITV

An extra free resolution for you and a free plug-in for me – that's what everyone wins. My show is back on air every Monday until the end of February. I will talk about how to cut your bills – you can not lose.

Martin Lewis is the founder and president of MoneySavingExpert.com. To join the 13 million people who receive your free weekly Money Tips email, visit www.moneysavingexpert.com/latesttip


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